Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tommy Robinson Interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds (10-03-2011)

You can hear the despicable careerist politician, Bradford Council leader, Ian Greenwood, at the beginning of this video. This man’s position on demos is blatantly simple.

If the demos are expressing left wing causes, or even far left or Islamist causes, that’s fine. If it’s the EDL; then they should be banned. Full stop.

What is acceptable democratically to Greenwood depends on whether it's left wing or not. He even quotes the cases of the demos against the Iraq war in Bradford as being acceptable demos.

You cannot be choosy like this with democracy. Thus Ian Greenwood is not a true democrat. He is an Islamist and Muslim appeaser. A jobsworth who relies on block Muslim votes. A political careerist. An enabler of Islam if that assures him of Muslim votes and support. A person who quite happily ignores Islamism, Muslim rape and paedophile gangs, Muslim drug pushing to wipe out or narcotically enslave the white kuffar and whatever else. As long as he retains his little bit of Bradford and his leadership role at Bradford Council. Scum!

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