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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tommy Robinson has been re-arrested: March 10th Tommy Will Be Entering His Plea

By the EDL, 1.2.2011

Today on March 1st at 15.00hrs Tommy Robinson has been re-arrested on a section 4 public order offence concerning the Poppy burning incident.

Tommy was trying to stop hate speech at the time because the British police were to afraid to act on behalf of the British public, please see here

Today on March 1st at 15.00hrs Tommy Robinson has been re-arrested on a section 4 public order offence concerning the Poppy burning incident.

Scotland Yard Police drove to Luton police station and charged Tommy with a section 4 public order offence and he is to apear before Magistrates on March 10th (Location to follow)


The police couldn't make it more obvious if they tried that they are victimising Tommy Robinson because of his very inconvenient political beliefs. Do they really believe that Tommy will give up on the EDL because of such victimisation? If anything, it will embolden him and the rest of the EDL - as such police and state behaviour always does when directed at politically incorrect movements. Not only that, Tommy will carry on in prison if he is jailed, as he has himself said. And no doubt Kevin Carroll will take over the leadership role on the outside.

So the police, if anything, are showing the EDL that they must be doing something right and true, otherwise why the police harassment?

No surrender. Ever. Do you hear that?

Section Four, Parts 3 and 3A, of the Public Order Offence (from Wikipedia)

"Parts 3 and 3A- Racial hatred etc.Part 3 of the Act creates offences of use of words or behaviour or display of written material (section 18), publishing or distributing written material (section 19), public performance of a play (section 20), distributing, showing or playing a recording (section 21), or broadcasting (section 22), if the act is intended to stir up racial hatred, or possession of racially inflammatory material (section 23).

"Part 3A was created by the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 with the insertion of new sections 29A to 29N. This part created new offences for acts intended to stir up religious hatred. Sections 29B to 29N are to be further amended by the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 when the relevant parts of that act come into force. These further amendments will extend Part 3A to cover intent to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation (to be defined in new section 29AB)."

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