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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Searchlight tells the Dover Express that the EDL 'is racist'

EDL Extra comments on the Dover Express news item, 'Far-right English Defence League recruiting for Dover division on Facebook', by Rhys Griffiths, March 8th, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

ACTIVISTS from the far-right English Defence League (EDL) are using Facebook to recruit members for what they describe as its Dover division. [Yes?]

A call to the people of the town has been made online by a man named Jason Heath, who encourages them to "take a stand" against what he describes as Muslim extremists. [How does the Dover Express itself describe Muslim extremists? As ‘Embraces of Diversity’?]

Described by anti-fascist group Searchlight as "a racist organisation", the EDL has come to national attention after staging a series of street protests against what it sees as the threat to Western values from Islam. [Dover Express happily quotes Searchlight’s description of the EDL (as ‘a racist organisation’) but doesn’t quote the EDL’s description of itself. These regional newspapers quote UAF and Hope Not Hate abundantly, seemingly unaware that the former is run by the Trotskyist SWP, and the latter is run by the Communist Party (through Searchlight).]

But Dover MP Charlie Elphicke told the Express that Islamic preachers of hate and the EDL represent "two sides of the same coin". [Really? Is that why Islamic preachers of hate existed for decades and indeed hundreds of years before the EDL was formed?

Yes, if the EDL were fascist and racist, which it’s not, then perhaps they would be ‘two sides of the same coin’.

Islamic preachers believe in totalitarian systems of law. The EDL doesn’t.
Islamic preachers want to take over the world for Allah. The EDL just wants England back from the Leftists enablers and their Islamists.
Islamic preachers supports all manner of terrorists, from Hamas to Hezbollah. The EDL does not support any terrorist group – not even the Loyalist groups which the Left claims it does.
Does Charlie Elphicke want me to go on? No. He probably wouldn’t even listen to a member of the EDL. Instead, he gets all his info about the EDL, and other things no doubt, from Trotskyist and Communist groups.]

In a badly spelt and punctuated posting on Facebook pages relating to Dover, including that of this newspaper, Mr Heath said: "if your sick and tired of your mum, sister, nan, girlfriend, kids or anyone you know not being able to walk through certain parts of hers/his//yours/OUR town at night even during the day, due to risk of molitious atacks from muslim extremists then take a stand, tell your friends and family to unite and take a stand, t...e...ll your neighbours to take a stand!!

"the time to stand up and take our country back is long over-due if you feel the need to make a stand for everything ENGLISH then join the EDL Dover division. we will never surrender and i hope that none of you will either." [Is this regional rag saying that Mr Heath is wrong about this? Do the journalists of this well-spelt but intellectually and politically illiterate newspaper ever need to travel through the numerous Islamic ghettoes of England? Or, like the Left, do these journalists simply deny their existence? They probably do so because, like the far left, none of them live anywhere near any of these Islamic ghettoes.
Is the spelling OK for you small-time writers at Dover Express?]

On the EDL Dover division Facebook group's page, which has so far attracted 36 members, there are discussions about transport to a planned demonstration in Blackburn on April 2, as well as links to stories about Islam.

The organisation's official website describes the EDL as "a human rights organisation" opposed to the Islamification of Britain and the introduction of Sharia law in this country.

Mr Elphicke, who has previously expressed his opposition to the British National Party, said:

"We all know there are important issues. We need to ensure that we get strong borders security and migration has a cap.

"These are matters to be discussed calmly and thoughtfully.

"We don't need racists preaching hatred, like the EDL, in Dover.
[Here he goes again repeating the ‘racist’ mantra. That stops him from having to debate with the EDL (‘No Platform’, eh?), or even from having to think truthfully about these issues. And as those on the Left, and others, know - if you repeat a lie enough times people will begin to believe it. Even those who mouth these political soundbites will begin to believe their own lies - ‘lies for Justice’?]

"Islamic hate preachers and the EDL are two sides of the same coin and we could do without both of them." [You’ve already said that. In fact, I should say that the Dover Express has already printed that soundbite – at the top of the page. It’s a neat statement and it chimes in with Nick Lowles’s new policy of ‘plague on both your houses’. This is not a surprise as we have already seen that the Dover Express relies on Searchlight for truly objective information about the EDL. That’s like relying on George Galloway for truthful information about Saddam Hussein and his other Arab and Islamist friends.]

Attempts to contact Mr Heath were unsuccessful as the Express went to press.

1 comment:

  1. ""These are matters to be discussed calmly and thoughtfully. " = Heath

    Yes, how well we recall the calm and thoughtful discussions between the late Mr. A Hitler and the leaders of the small countries which he generously proposed to annex ( England, France, Poland) and how smoothly things went in that era. The man was just misunderstood in that he only wanted the other nations to all benefit from his own ideologies of superior lifestyles, language, legal systems and social activities. Much like the muslims, but ahead of his time.

    And again, if memory serves, the discussions between the typically easy going muslims, who I jokingly refer to in a warm, friendly way, as murderous inbred raghead bastards, and various individuals, like a group of Israeli athletes in Munich a few years back, were all conducted with poise and aplomb.
    Even as the ill-coordinated young muslim man who had been weaned from his muslim mother's breast so that he could be nurtured by his muslim father's penis, kept up a respectful monologue about the advantages of islam, as he hacked and sawed to cut Mr.Daniel Pearl's head from his body for the cameras.

    And let us not forget the calm and respectful manner in which the muslims celebrated an otherwise ordinary day - 9/11 - by turning it into a day for dialogue and the exchange of ideas between cultures, by flying airplanes into buildings and murdering a few thousand defenseless civilians. Carpe Diem, oui??

    Yes, the actions of the muslims most certainly reflect the pride and polish of individuals who have managed to kill, rape, murder, lie, cheat, steal, and in every way, resist efforts to drag them into the 21st century, when their beautiful culture wishes only to remain in the 7th century - the days when a good meal was a pound of rotting, maggot infested meat cooked over a camel turd fire by your nine-year-old wife / slave, as you quietly contemplated to sun setting behind the spiked head of your older, 12 year old wife, who dared disobey you.
    Any thinking person should understand why Mr. Heath and his apparently syphilitic sycophants would yearn for such days themselves! The modern times are simply too much for those gentle souls to face.