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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Queers For Palestine and the Islamic Noose

[Left: before. Right: after.]

"Can you remove this story, or remove my name from it? I don't want my name associated with the EDL or your beliefs. This was a story I wrote for the Pink Paper about gay rights, and extremists. It does not represent Islam. I expect it removed or I will take you to court." - Stacey Cosens, of the Pink Paper

I’m afraid you wouldn’t stand a chance taking me to court.

For a start, your details are fully acknowledged and there is not even a hint that you wrote the article for EDL Extra. It is clear from the format of the blog that many articles are not written for the blog - or made to seem that they are. If that were not the case, the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph, the Star, etc. would also be seen as writing for EDL Extra – or, alternatively, taking me to court.

The purpose of the posting and quotation of your article was not to show that Stacey Cosen or The Pink Paper supports the EDL. It was to show what the Islamic position on gays actually is and, of course, the fact that Ibis was holding a conference which included Islamic homophobes.

In addition, you say quite glibly that such extremism doesn’t reflect Islam. Is that right? What makes you say that? 1,300 years of anti-gay Islamic killing, legislation and rhetoric, along with many passages in the Koran, hadiths, etc. and well as numerous statements from Islamic scholars, clerics, academics, etc., show me that you are wrong on this. In fact, try reading some of the relevant EDL Extra articles on this site from a non-Leftist, non-liberal-leftist, etc. take on this issue.

Did you ever hear the one about the members of Queers for Palestine (an American group) who went to Palestine to support the ‘oppressed Muslims’ there? They were hung up by the necks for being ‘degenerate homosexuals’ by Hamas.

But they were still politically hip in their support of the Palestinians.

Or does Hamas not ‘reflect [true] Islam’ either? Over 80% of Palestinian Muslims think they do, as well as millions of other Muslims throughout the world.

EDL Extra.

*) The story in question:

1 comment:

  1. But are you supposing that Islam is the only religion with homophobic practices?
    All of the major Abrahamic religions sermonise against homosexuality because it is within their doctrine. Apparently their "deity" or "god" created homosexuals but strictly forbids them from entering "heaven".
    Christianity has been particularly potent in its reprimanding of homosexual activity across Europe and most severely in England during the period of Mediaevalism when gays were castrated at the order of a very white, very English king.
    So I don't understand why this is posted as an example of English defence. We are a tiny island with an incurable Empire deficiency hang-up and a failing economy due to our lack of industry.
    Why are people so fervent in their defence of a landmass they happened to be born on?...but pure coincidence.
    Islamics are as deluded as Christians in that they worship a medieval theology...apart from that they are still constituents of the same genetic make up.
    I see nothing to be proud of in a defence of our sad national identity...which should be reclaimed through tolerance, scientific endeavour, and cultural homogeny rather than this deluded supposition that everything should be unilaterally "English". I'm very confused by your cult and what it stands for?