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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pious liberals won't touch Choudary on his American da'wah-jihad

EDL Extra comments on the WorldNetDaily article, 'Obama to face sharia court?', 27.2.2011. (Comments are in red.)

President Obama must embrace Islam as a way of life or face the consequences of a trial under the Shariah Islamic court system, declared British extremist cleric Anjem Choudary.

Choudary, founder and former chief of two Islamic groups disbanded by the British authorities under anti-terror legislation, is planning a Washington protest later this week in which he says he will call on American Muslims to revolt against the country and implement Shariah law.

Speaking in an interview with investigative reporter Aaron Klein on his program on New York's WABC Radio, Choudary claimed Obama was waging a war against Islam. [Which is an odd statement to make against a well-known dhimmi and possible Muslim.]

"[Obama] has promised all Muslims to be released from Guantanamo Bay. They are still languishing there even though he knows they are completely innocent," Choudary claimed. [All ‘innocent’? Is that because all their cases were American ‘trumped up setups’? Or is it because the Muslims who commit such Islamic crimes cannot be seen as guilty by their fellow Muslims (like Choudary himself)? Anyway, as Leftists say: Muslims can never be guilty of anything. They are the Brown Exotic Oppressed. Or, in other words, they are children and thus perennial victims.]

"On top of that, he's increased the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, so he is a warmonger just as his predecessor was. And thirdly and more importantly," Choudary said, "the Muslims don't want democracy and freedom. Democracy and freedom are anathema to Islam and the Shariah." [Obama a ‘warmonger’? So says a man who wants to conquer the whole world for Islam and kill all of those who fight against this Islamic takeover.

At least Choudary is honest and not a practitioner of Islamic taqiyya. He says, quite truthfully, that Muslims ‘don’t want democracy and freedom’. Of course the MCB, Inayat Bunglawalah, and all the other taqiyya merchants, will pretend to reject these truthful and genuinely Islamic assertions from Choudary.]

Choudary said that at his protest, scheduled to take place Thursday in front of the White House, he will call on Obama and all Americans to "embrace Islam, not only as a religion but as a way of life." [Islam is ‘a way of life’? That is, Islam is not only a religion; it is also a political system. Again, Choudary is correct on this. Islam is deeply political and always has been. This is not just an ‘Islamist distortion’ of ‘real Islam’. Politics is essential to Islam.]

Choudary continued: "And at the same time, we will be issuing a warning that the presence of U.S. forces and U.S. personnel in Muslim countries, looking out for their interests, at the moment is very, very insecure. I think the Muslims are boiling angry around the world. This is something [Americans] should take very seriously."

Choudary turned his ire back to Obama, claiming the president was committing "crimes" against Muslims in Iraq and in Afghanistan. [What about Muslims, like Choudary himself, in Christian countries? What about Muslims in the UK, Germany France, Norway, etc? Should we treat Muslims the way that Choudary wants to treat non-Muslims in Muslim countries? Perhaps we should. In fact non-Muslims are already treated horrendously in virtually all Muslim countries, including Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Gaza, the Sudan, etc.]

He warned Obama: "I do believe that the only way for him to save himself in this life and in the hereafter is to embrace Islam. Islam will eradicate all his sins; he will be like the day his mother gave birth to him. [So Islam ‘eradicates all sins’? No wonder it appeals to Muslim pimps, groomers and drug-pushers in Bradford and Rochdale.] Otherwise, when we do implement the Shariah, obviously he will face the consequences of a trial under the Shariah court."

Choudary has publicly stated he believes the flag of Islam will fly over White House. He repeated that contention in his interview with Klein today. [Why don’t the Americans deal with this loudmouthed zealot? Democracy and liberalism must stop at those who would destroy democracy and liberalism, as Choudary has promised he would do. We must never tolerate the intolerant. If we do, systems of tolerance and pluralism will soon be destroyed.]

"I do believe that as a Muslim every part of the world will be governed by the Shariah," he said. "So symbolically the flag of Islam will fly from every single country, every single nation."

Choudary says he expect thousands to come out to this week's protest, which he said is being organized with the Islamic Thinkers Society, an extremist group based in New York. [Muslims, at least qua Muslims, don’t think. So how can there be an ‘Islamic Thinkers Society’? Muslims obey. They obey Allah and his representatives. That’s all. They obey and then they often kill as a result of such blind obedience.]

It was not immediately clear whether Choudary will be allowed to enter the U.S.

He currently presents himself as an Islamic lecturer and a leader of Britain's Shariah Islamic court. He is a founder and former chief of Al Muhajiroun, a British group that sought to impose an Islamic state on the U.K. and that was allied with the goals of al-Qaida.

Al Muhajiroun, officially disbanded by the British government citing anti-terrorism laws in 2004, and its main leader, Omar Bakri Muhammad, were banned from the U.K. in 2005. Choudary then became a leader of Al Ghurabaa, which was reportedly a continuation of Al Muhajiroun. Al Ghurabaa was banned in 2006 by the U.K. for reportedly supporting terrorism. [Then he reformed… and then reformed again… And he’s still around mouthing his Islamic nastiness. And the wimps in the Government and in the civil services still allow him to do so because they’re either in hoc to international law and United Nations law or chained to the silly belief that true democrats and liberals must allow people to preach the destruction of democracy - and ultimately do so in their bombing and killing campaigns. This is nothing but the sick and false piety of the British Establishment basking in its own righteousness – all as the country is torn apart by the Islamic bastards they have so far supported and saved.]

Former Al Muhajiroun members led by Choudary reportedly continue their activism at public protests and on Internet forums under a new banner group called Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.

Choudary in 2007 led a protest outside London's Central Mosque attended by WND. The protest called for the downfall of the British government for offering knighthood to novelist and essayist Salman Rushdie, who was accused by Muslims of defaming Islam and Muhammad in his 1988 book "The Satanic Verses." [Yes, and many of the aforementioned Establishment also attacked Salman Rushdie on behalf of the Brown Exotics they so admire, in their inverted racist way. And all in order to endear themselves to them and thus become the good dhimmis that they are.]

Depictions of British flags were burned at Choudary's protest. Ralliers chanted, "Down with Britain, down with the Queen."

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