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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Our Day Out at a Small Heath Islamist Conference

[Left: a typical scene in Birmingham's Small Heath. That's what multiculturalism really means! The streets of Small Heath - full of women dressed like that. Now that's a Diversity I don't want to Embrace! Top: 'Knowledge' in Islam means everything that's said to be true or to be knowledge in the Koran. Full stop. Don't get it mixed up with Western knowledge, which is 'polluted' with philosophy, logic, science, etc. Then again, don't get any Islamic concept mixed up with any Western one, such as freedom, justice, truth, etc. We speak different languages.]
Only four of us turned up today at Small Heath. That’s no good, is it?

Despite that, we still paid the Islamist conference a visit; just down the road from the Brighton Arms pub.

The whole place was full of men in long dresses and long beards. Then again, so was Small Heath.
We were way outnumbered but that didn’t stop one of us – he’s got a death wish! - from filling in the Muslimists about how much of a paedo Mahmood was. They didn’t like that. One Muslimah said: ‘Jesus was a paedophile!’ Yes. Jesus wasn’t even married and never had any sexual relations, as far as I know. Still, the dirty Muslimah didn’t care for truth – she cared more for Islamic taqiyya, in which any lie goes if it protects Islam and the Muslimists.

So we were pushed out of the conference entrance and left after they had informed us that they’d phoned the police.

Still, it was the first time I’ve visited Small Heath – it’s like Islamabad but with more McDonalds and a pub. First time I’ve seen Birmingham City’s ground too!

Incidentally, I counted three different Islamist stalls in Birmingham city centre, along with one UAF stall and an SWP. The good weather had brought all manner of scum out of the woodwork. One Islamist stall was directly next to a UAF/SWP stall. Fucking incestuous. Then again, the Muslims need the Trots and the Trots need the Muslims. Yet both sides know that once the Muslims don’t need the Trots anymore, they will kill them, just as they did in Iran, Egypt and Pakistan. The Trots will never gain real power so they’ll never have the chance to kill any Muslims – that’s if they ever felt like doing that. Let the Muslims kill the gullible theory-intoxicated Trots! Who cares about them?

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