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Monday, 28 March 2011

The Leftist social experiment to try and destroy the ‘hideously white’ working class

SPEAKFORENGLAND [Left: the Far Left has always hated the white working class. The liberal-left has done so more obviously. Even before the Muslims came on the landscape of the SWP (say, in the 1990s), for example, and became the new recipients of Leftist condescension, they still hated the working class. After all, they wanted to change everything about them. They wanted to turn them into revolutionaries like them; into people who dressed like them and read the same books as them and even liked the same bands as them. Now that wasn't respect of even empathy. It was just good old-fashioned middle-class snobbery; peppered with hidden hatred. Just read some of the very many snobbist and sarcastic comments on this 'Muslamic Ray Guns' thing recently. These Leftists seem to define their own intelligence and political sophistication in one simple way: they are not EDL!] EDL Extra comments on the Speak For England blog article, 'WILL ANYONE ANSWER AN ENGLISHMAN'S AGONY AT THE RAPE OF HIS COUNTRY?', 28th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A post by Tottenham Lad that summarises the desperation of English people. Although his posts are sporadic, they are amongst the finest and most detailed of all those pleading to be heard on this issue. This was a man who was pro-Labour and fought against the National Front many years ago. Now - like so many others - he has been forced by experience to reconsider his loyalty to the Labour party as well as his formerly supportive views of immigrants. [There is almost an entire generation of old-style Labourites or socialists who are now beginning to ask such questions. There has always been a big difference, evidently, between the far left and the left, just as there has been between the far right and the right. (These differences between the two extremes and the two centers are almost identical as well.) The far left, and those who swallow far-far ideology without sometimes even being aware that they are doing so, are committed to theory and therefore also to the resulting social experiments. With their theories and experiments, they have just about destroyed vast swathes of the white (and sometimes black) working class. Such experiments as mass immigration, unmitigated multiculturalism, never seeing any Islamic evil (or hearing any Islamic evil or reporting on any Islamic evil), Embracing Every Diversity – including Pernicious Diversity, etc. All these experiments on the working class, carried out by theory-intoxicated members of the leftist and liberal middle classes, as well as the opportunistic and jobsworth politicians and councillors who are fed by them, have been attempts to destroy the ‘hideously white’ (as one Guardian journalist once put it) working class. And as with all theory-based social experiments, most especially Marxist ones, such experiments have almost always failed. However, unlike what actually happens in real science, these Marxist/Trotskyist theories have not thereby been rejected – if anything, when a Leftist or Marxist theory proves itself wrong, through experiment, then the Leftist experimenters experiment even more with the same failure.] Born and brought up in Tottenham, north London, he was forced to move out of the area to search for a decent life for his wife and children. He like many others of us despair at the fact that many parts of England are now effectively no-go areas for English people. [Not no-go areas for the Leftist politicians and councillors themselves, who effectively made them no-go areas, because they almost without exception live far away from such areas – except, in some circumstances, when they were students and wanted to taste a bit of the Brown Exotic for themselves.] Meanwhile, it is as if the entire state is organised against their interests. And any form of opposition is treated either patronisingly, or with hostile claims of 'right-wing', or 'racist'. [The Stalinist state accused all opponents of being ‘clinically insane’. Many Marxist thinkers (e.g., Adorno and Marcuse) also argued that to be right wing, or even to be conservative, was a sign of ‘clinical insanity’. These brainless and repetitive uses of ‘right wing’ or ‘racist’ are used in a similar way. As a means to silence, or even destroy, all opposition. That’s why the Trots are no different from the Stalinists. Trots simply have had no former or existing state to defend, unlike the Stalinists; which is a pretty cynical and empty rationale for Trotskyism.] Much garbage has been written about the supposed 'tolerance' of the English. Compared with many other societies that may well have a grain of truth. But the main characteristic now observed is a sense of resignation and acceptance of fate. [Yes. But the English have never really tolerated the intolerant – as are many Muslims, Leftists, etc. They have never been liberal with the illiberal. More to the point. The English should never be tolerant with the intolerant or liberal with the illiberal. To be so would simply mean the end of tolerance and liberalism. We must, therefore, destroy the Islamists for their intolerance and their hatred of liberty. Simple as. There is no contradiction here of either tolerance or liberty.] Just how long that will persist is anyone's guess. But we are now being forced into such a small space within our own country that the overwhelming sense of alienation may begin to breed defiance and revolt. Indeed, as Labour candidates and party workers found during the last election campaign, EVERY door they knocked on had the same tale to tell: one of concern and resentment at the level of immigration and the suffering and cost imposed on the English by it. [They will not listen because their entire careers are often placed - or dependent - upon mass immigration. They are also ideologically stuck in that no-man’s land of Total Multiculturalism and Total Immigration No Matter What. They will not shift unless the mass of the working class, as well as other groups, demand change and even bring about change, democratically, for themselves.] Further instances of a distinct change in attitude can be found in the growing realisation amongst homosexuals that the hard-won changes that have occurred in their situation over the past 50 years are now seriously at risk because of the attitudes of Muslim, West Indian and African immigrants. As I made plain in an earlier post, they are THREE TIMES more likely to be attacked by an immigrant than by a person who is native to these islands. Similar tales have come from Jewish people regarding attacks on themselves as well as their Synagogues. [Look at that Palestine-suckers’ website, SHOAH: the Palestinian Holocaust. Constant crocodile tears about hyped-up reports of attacks on Muslims; yet not a single word, ever, about the massive proliferation of attacks on Jews by Muslims both in the UK and most especially in places like France, Holland and other European countries. These hypocrites make you feel physically sick.] The current government has made noises about restricting immigration. But that is all they are at the moment, 'noises'. The real focus of the problem is those immigrants already here and NOTHING will be done about them. [Yes; but only the immigrants who aren’t integrating and who offer England precisely nothing but trouble. I am taking primarily about Muslims here. That very lack of integration and that outright antipathy towards England come from their religion itself – from Islam! However, I think I disagree somewhat with the poster here. I’m not sure. I think that he may be spreading the blanket a bit wider than I am. I certainly don’t have a big problem with ‘West Indians’, for example. Of course, some West Indians will indeed be trouble-causers of some kind. But so too are some white English lads, as well a Scots in England, as well as… every group, ethnic and otherwise. The case with Muslims, however, is on a hugely different and much larger scale. And it is so, to repeat, because of their religion – Islam. Hence the difference between the EDL and other ‘nationalist’ groups, perhaps even this blogger.] So there is a choice to be made. Accept your fate and move into an English ghetto - if you can afford it - or fight. It will not be pretty. It will involve killing on a very large scale.


  1. Re your first point - the largely Labour-voting area of Glasgow that I grew up in contained at least as many hang'em flog'em advocates as you'd find in any Conservative party of the time, the only differences were cultural.

    Immigration since 2000 has changed everything: old party political borders are much more porous, as people bring their views to a central place where they can ask, "what's happened to this place?"

  2. I recall speaking to a number of SWP drones in the early 1990s, and they were absolutely open about their desire to destroy English society and thereby the state using mass immigration and multiculturalism. They know that it is bad for the English working class, but they don't care, as they ordinary English people as being too concerned with what they would sneeringly refer to as 'bread-and-butter issues', like improving your material lot and raising a family. The Trots hate all of this. Rather like Lenin (I know, Trotsky's old rival before he threw his lot in with him), Trots hate 'economism' i.e. non-politicised trade unionism which seeks to protect members working conditions and pay, instead of pursuing the realisation of the Communist revolutionary millennium.

    In the early nineties I don't think that they'd yet latched onto what they'd term the 'revolutionary potential' of Muslims specifically, but this is certainly why they champion their cause today. Trots wish to precipitate a bloodbath from which they delusionally think they'll emerge as victorious 'vanguardists'.