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Monday, 7 March 2011

Islamic Taqiyya on Video!

If non-Muslims don't understand Islamic taqiyya, they will never understand Islam - never mind defeat Islamism! Taqiyya is utterly essential to Islam's fight against everything which is non-Muslim - including you, your family, your traditions, your culture, your country.

Mohammed himself first suggested in the use of lying to further Islam. In fact, he was good at taqiyya himself. Taqiyya was an essential part of his many battle plans.

What is taqiyya? It is distortion, dissimulation, false quotes, quotes out of context, quotes with negative clauses taken out, etc. in the service of Islam. So this is not to say that Muslims lie as a matter of habit. No. This is more specific than that. It is lying for Islam. Lying to further Islam. Lying to non-Muslims on behalf of Islam. It is not lying about the price of bread... ummm.

You can see how easily the Muslim, Mohammad Ayoub, lies to Tommy Robinson in this video. There are no second thoughts on his part. It came easy to him because lying is actually part of Islam. His face doesn't even betray the lie - as it does with many liars. He is clearly an expert and lying for Islam is second nature to him (as we sometimes cannot spot a politician when he lies).

And yet this Muslim most definitely knew he was lying. 'No stoning since the 7th century.' Oh my God! What a shameful lie! There have been thousands of Islamic stonings since the 7th century. There have been hundreds of Islamic stonings, and worse, in the last twenty years. Somewhere in the Islamic world, today, there will probably or possibly be an Islamic stoning.

The strength of his commitment to taqiyya must have even lead him to disregard the vast video and photographic evidence of Islamic stoning which can be found on YouTube and elsewhere. Yet, none of this mattered to this Muslim.

To think that a religion, Islam, not only endorses lying, but encourages it. (What would Immanuel Kant think of that?) This alone shows us how distant Islam is from Christianity and indeed Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Get to know Islamic taqiyya now! Otherwise you will be frequently led down the garden path, to your own destruction, by the Muslims you speak to.

A response to liars from Godsmack:

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