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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pious and smug far leftists attempt to hoodwink Bradford

EDL Extra comments on Bradford's Telegraph & Argus article, 'Bradford's response to the EDL is a role model for the UK', by Kathie Griffiths, 2.2.2011. (Comments are in red.)

A film of Bradford’s highly-praised response to the extremist English Defence League invasion last summer (right) is to travel the country as a teaching tool on how to deal with Far Right factions. [‘Highly praised’ by whom? By Leftists, interfaithers and Muslims? Of course!

‘Invasion’? Did the Bradford Division of the EDL, of whom there were many, also invade Bradford? In that case, did they invade the IslamoTrot Republic of Bradford, where the white working class is no longer allowed?]

Yesterday more than 100 people including civic, policing and community leaders in the city met at the National Media Museum to watch the first public screening of it.

The half-hour documentary, made by racial justice group JUST West Yorkshire and commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, will now be made available to other cities and towns across the country to help plan robust strategies should they face similar situations. [There weren’t many white working class Bradfordians at this public screening. Just the Great, the Good and the Pious. ‘Aren’t we so great! So anti-racist and soooo anti-fascist. How can Bradford survive without us?’]

‘Racial justice group’? Come again?]

The film, called When Hate Came To Town, which includes interviews with EDL supporters as well as those opposed to them, was being shown at the first of a series of seminars being organised by Bradford Resource Centre to get the city’s public and leaders talking about issues affecting them. [‘Hate came to town’ when the Islamists and militant Muslims came. When the Muslims started to groom non-Muslim girls and when they started the Narco-Jihad of crack and heroin aimed at wiping out the kuffar with deliveries fresh from Islamic Pakistan and Islamic Afghanistan!]

Bradford South Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Alison Rose, a speaker at the meeting, said it was important Bradford people were being given the opportunity to talk about what happened.

Even before the DVD was produced, other police forces across the country were set to follow the city’s example for planning operations ahead of potentially-volatile events, and the Home Office had requested detailed feedback from West Yorkshire Police to uphold as “best practice”. [But most of these attendees want the EDL banned – pure and simple. That’s because most of them were far-leftist totalitarians and anti-democrats. The sort of people responsible for millions of deaths in Soviet Russia, Cambodia, Cuba, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc. These people are the true extremists. The true killers. And that’s why they feel at one with the Islamists and militant Muslims. They all want to destroy Western ('capitalist') civilisation and replace it with a pious leftist or Islamist hellhole.]

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