Friday, 11 February 2011

When in Rome...

WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE MUSLIMS DO - TAKE OVER THE STREETS AND START PRAYING TO ALLAH...and in Paris, Malmo, London, Birmingham... and Blackburn.


  1. OMG!! If that is not the most obscene sight in the world!! Thousands of stinking jihadi arses right up against what looks like a beautiful church!

    That is the most hideous and overt threat! Where is the fcuking ayatollah of Rome? Does he think he will be safe appeasing his fellow paedos in nighties??

  2. That is Milan Cathedral, the Duomo, built by Christianised Goths!! FFS!!

  3. Yes, there was the Roman Colloseum and then it happened at Milan Cathedral (is the right?).

    I've noticed that the EDL doesn't seem to have an Italian connection - unlike Germany, Holland, France, ect. We should connect with the Italians.