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Monday, 7 February 2011

What is Odious?


From The Fairfacts Media Show

Here’s something that doesn’t fit the narrative. The ‘odious’ ‘far right’ ‘ extremist’ English Defence League has a Muslim member [left]!

Abdul Salaam adds to the EDL’s Sikh leader, plus an assortment of Jews, Afro-Caribbeans, and other ethnicities, not to mention the EDL’s gay, lesbian and transgender division.

Yet, in leftist eyes such a cornucopia of minorities are seen as satan since they oppose the central tenets of their multiculturalism, even though such muliticulturalism fuels division, discord and extremism, something the UK PM Dave Cameron has finally noted.

We must remember what created the English Defence League in the first place, Muslim extremists abusing soldiers in Luton.

Surely you cannot get more odious than that?

Yet, here we have an organisation that seeks to defend the British way of life and our values smeared at every opportunity.

Thus, it it ‘odious’ to oppose Sharia Law, it is ‘far right’ to oppose Asian men pimping white girls, it is ‘extremist’ to oppose forced marriages, is it 'fascist’ to oppose genital mutilation. Is multi-culturalism about letting such practices flourish in Britain?

So multi-culturalism supports the abuse given to gays from Islamists, the treatment of women as chattels and so on?

The left truly are warped now, as surely such beliefs counter everything previous leftists achieved and fought for in decades gone by.

Now, Cameron’s views appear little different to what the EDL’s smartly dressed leader Tommy Robinson/ Stephen Lennon says, though Archbishop Cranmer picks upon the language Cameron uses, still tarring the ‘right’ with an extremist brush in his call for ‘muscular liberalism.’

As the UK ZanuLiarbore party jumps into bed with the multi-cultists and the Islamo-fascists, we should accept that just like the Glaswegian Abdul Salaam, there are Muslims who oppose the multi-culturalism being carried out in their name, that some are loyalists too.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA is spreading the word that, despite all the bad press — by way of terrorist attacks, honor killings, and the like — Muslims have a duty to be peaceful and loyal to the United States.

The group has launched a nationwide ad campaign called “Muslims for Loyalty” to counteract the negative influences from abroad — which not only serve to paint domestic Muslims in a bad light but also affect young Muslims susceptible to radicalization.

And we should reach out to these muslims who want to fit in and accept that the West isn’t so awful after all, rather than pander to those extremists who seek to destroy us, which is current leftist multi-cultist policy as it stands now.


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