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Friday, 11 February 2011

Trotskyite Snobs Hate the Working Class... not just the EDL!

[Left: Do you recognise this member of UAF giving the Nazi salute at the Leicester EDL demo? If you do, phone his mummy and tell her that he's OK and he's Taking a Year Out to infiltrate the EDL, followed by six months in South America making ear rings out of llama dung.]

Why doesn’t the EDL Embrace Diversity? Why doesn’t it contribute to Community Cohesion? Why are they Racist Thugs?

If only they discussed these issues over numberless dinner parties and after consuming a few Guardian articles. That is, why isn’t the EDL like us? We care, ever so deeply. We love the Brown Exotic – and the Browner the deeper and the more exotica. Browns can do no bad. We know that because the Racists once said that 'the Browns can do no good'. Simples. Eh?

Let us watch Babyshambles and catch the gleaming eyes of the lovely Martin Smith. We all love each other – but not the racists, fascists, football thugs, Tories, Zionists, neocons, neoliberals, and basically everyone who is so evil that they don’t even appear on our saintly demos. Stone the racists to death.


  1. Trots like to class themselves as the proletariat, even though they are mainly middle class. Actually having a real working-class get up on their hind legs, makes a nonsense of their witterings.
    They, like their muzzie pals, are extremely conscious of being the totally naked and morally bankrupt emperors!