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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tommy Robinson's stirring speech at the Luton Demo (05-02-2011)

Tommy Robinson is a natural. He doesn't play the archetypal statesman role. He hasn't stood in front of the mirror mimicking famous politicians, as William Hague and many Tory/Labour politicians have done.

To Tommy, the cause is of primary importance, not getting involved in politics for the sake of getting involved in politics. Had we had no Islamist or sharia-law threat, we would have never have heard of Tommy Robinson. The average Labour and Conservative politician commits him or herself to politics... full stop. It simply doesn't really matter what the contents of that politics is. As long as they have gained a careeer in politics - that's all that matters.

Tommy has been fired up by the cowardly local councillors and politicians of Luton and generally in the UK. He isn't a performer. The cause determines the power of his speeches. He will remain in history long after the many, many of our Career Politicians have faded from view.


  1. Superb: Tommy just gets better all the time!

  2. He should have a go at standing for parliament

    He is great..go Tommmy