Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tommy Robinson on LBC 97.3 Radio

This is an excellent interview in that Tommy becomes very passionate about what he's fighting for. The interviewer betrays himself to be an utter snob who simply can't engage with any member of the working class - not just EDL members! So much so that he makes sarcastic remarks about Tommy's use of the word 'mate'. What a condescending snob this radio presenter is. Who is he?

Does he live next to Muslim ghettoes? No.
Has his daughters been pimped by Muslim gangs? No.
Did any of his relatives die in the London bombings? No.

He asks Tommy if he's a Muslim. What trivial journalism! Do I need to become a Marxist or Nazi in order to criticise Marxism or Nazism? Of course not! So where is this journalist's logic coming from - the dustbin?

Instead of sticking his nose up at the EDL, perhaps he should actually listen to what Tommy is saying. Isn't that what journalists are meant to do? Or does this man rely entirely on the EDL's FaceBook page?


Islam is 'the religion of peace'? Is that postmodern irony or just a straight lie?

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  1. What a jerk and so rude . I am amazed. Talk about 'up himself'