Friday, 4 February 2011

Tommy Robinson Live on Sky News - EDL Demo Luton

When will at least one of these journalists (or interviewers) actually ask the EDL, or Tommy Robinson, what it is we stand for? Why is the complete message of all these interviews about violence, EDL racism and, in this case, the wearing of a balaclavas?

They don't want to know what the EDL thinks about Islam and Islamism. That is because they don't want to know the truth about Islam, Islamism, the Koran. Let them bury their heads deeper and deeper into the sand. Our consciences are clean. We know.


  1. Good on you Tommy

    G-d be with you !!

  2. Tommy talks much sense against a poor interviewer

  3. Agree, I've already complained about the interviewer's attitude to the Ofcom!

  4. As Tommy said "You don't have to live there" - these media people have no clue how much harm has been done to the working class people here over the last thirty years.
    Brilliant interview!
    Thank you EDL