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Friday, 18 February 2011

Stop Oppressing Muslims!

I hate the oppression of Sunni Muslims by Shia Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere.

I hate the oppression of Shia Muslims by Sunni Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere.

I hate the oppression of Ahmadiyya Muslims, Kurdish Muslims, etc. in Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, etc. by Muslims.

Muslims - get your own house in order before you blame and bomb the West, or the UK or the US. Unless the West is to blame for everything - which would be true if Muslims were children (which is what the far-left thinks!) and never culpable - like the leftist white man believes. Stop blaming everyone else for your diseased idelogy/religion! Grow up and try to join the world.

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  1. Sorry to be off-topic, but I thought that it was vital to draw to the attention of your readers the fact that a firm of Lancashire solicitors named Emmetts deserves to be boycotted, as it has just introduced a new sharia law service for the UK:

    Any chance of drawing this to the attention of the main EDL site so that its supporters are alerted to the fact that they should shun Emmetts?