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This blog once bore the name 'EDL Extra'. I supported the EDL until 2012. As the reader will see, the last post which supports the EDL dates back to 2012. This blog, nonetheless, retains the former web address.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Pakistani Muslims Hate Multiculturalism!

MANY British Pakistani Muslims are complaining about 'Islamophobia'. This is strange because many of their relations - brothers, cousins, uncles, etc. - are killing and persecuting Christians and non-Muslims on a massive scale. It seems obvious that local councils, in Bradford or Birmingham, cannot stretch their politically-correct minds to take in any evil that is committed by brown people. No group is as evil as the EDL - even though the EDL doesn't kill, bomb, whip or lash. Where are these middle-class leftists coming from?

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  1. They are coming from Appeasement Central and they are going straight to hell!!