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This blog once bore the name 'EDL Extra'. I supported the EDL until 2012. As the reader will see, the last post which supports the EDL dates back to 2012. This blog, nonetheless, retains the former web address.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

No Platform for...

The Totalitarians' Slippery Slope: UAF, SWP, UAF/SWP, Hope Not Hate, Searchlight, etc. say: No Platform for…

No Platform for Nazis.
No Platform for Fascists.
No Platform for the BNP.
No Platform for the EDL.
No Platform for Neocons and Neoliberals.
No Platform for Zionists.
No Platform for representatives of the state of Israel.
No Platform for Nationalists or patriots.
No Platform for the right-wing of the Conservative Party.
No Platform for the Conservative Party (as in the 1980s).
No Platform for right-wing New Labour.
No Platform for the Labour Party.
No Platform for right-wing socialists.
No Platform for reformist socialists…
... Finally, No Platform for alternative far-right groups (Trots if Commies and Commies if Trots).
No Platform for…

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