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Thursday, 24 February 2011

The New Luton 'Community Centre' Will Be a Mosque

[Left: Darren Caroll, right, is related to two key EDL members.]

Comments on the Luton Today news item, 'Meeting planned on drill hall bid', Friday 25 February 2011. [EDL Extra comments in red.]

THE leader of a campaign to stop a large site in High Town being sold to Shia Muslims has denied he is motivated by involvement with the English Defence League. [Of course people don’t need to be members of the EDL to be concerned about the proliferation of mosques in our country and the fact that Muslim groups are being sold property (cheaply) with a complete disregard for local residents. What have these justifiable worries got to do with being a member of the EDL (except in the obvious sense that the EDL fights against such chauvinism against non-Muslim residents and citizens)?]

Darren Carroll told our sister paper The Luton News this week that he had set up pressure group House the People, to demand Luton Borough Council preserve the Old Drill Hall site in Old Bedford Road for affordable housing. [Which is what the Left should be doing – or what they used to do before they put all their money into Islam and the radicalisation of Muslims.]

He says people in High Town were consulted when the proposals to build homes on the site were originally put forward, but have met a wall of silence now that the site is being sold.

The English Defence League (EDL) has branded the plans by the Shia organisation Masjid-e-Ali, currently based in Moor Street, a ‘super-mosque’. But the Shias say the facility would be a community centre, open to people of all faiths. [That’s a lie! That is Islamic taqiyya! The Dudley Muslim Association, and other Muslim groups, are also saying exactly the same thing about other new mosques in Dudley and elsewhere. That is, they are taking off a bit of the pressure by saying that their new mosques are actually ‘community centres’. Even if they do end up being community centres and not mosques (if there’s a difference), they will still be Muslim community centres.

Just because they are ‘open to all faiths’, that doesn’t mean that all faiths will attend – or any non-Muslim faith will attend. Of course, in the first week or so the local media will be hoodwinked by Muslims and the interfaithers and there will be loads of photographs of Sikhs, Hindus, Jeddites and Jainists enjoying the new ‘community centre’. A week or so later, and it will be totally Muslim. More than that, it will be totally Shia Muslim. Of course, Anglican and Methodist interfaithers will visit the centre periodically and more photos will be taken for the Luton Today. Taqiyya! Taqiyya! All is taqiyya!]

Yesterday Mr Carroll said that although he was related to EDL leaders Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who goes by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson, and Kevin Carroll, he was not a member.

“Kevin Carroll is my cousin and Tommy is my nephew,” said Mr Carroll. “I went to the first demonstration after the trouble at the homecoming parade because I support our armed forces. [Is this a case of being damned for having EDL relations?]

“There will be people that might assume I’m in the EDL but I’m not a far right supporter.

“I’m trying to do this correctly and go down the right route of engagement with the council

House the People have organised a public meeting for people concerned about the future of the site, and have invited council leader Hazel Simmons and High Town councillor Jacqui Burnett.

The meeting will take place on Monday (February 28) at the High Town Community Centre in Concorde Street from 6.30pm – 8pm.

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