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Monday, 28 February 2011

Muslims try to destroy art, free speech, tolerance - everything! - in Norway [video]

Why do Muslims rage, rant and kill so much? Is it because they hold their religion, Islam, so dear that no afront, ever, is acceptable or allowed? Is it because the truths of Islam are so overwhelming, and its tenets so important, that not a single voice against it will be tolerated?

Martin Amis has another theory:

'Islam is sensitive ground, as well it might be. Here we walk on eggshells. Because Islam is itself an eggshell.' - from The Second Plane (2008)

One wonders why the non-Muslim Norwegians in the audience didn't react as strongly and vocally in defence of free speech and free expression as the Muslims did in their own attempt to utterly destroy such things. The cowardice of the dhimmis and left-liberal limpness can be the only answer. But the tide is turning. The EDL, for one, will fight psychotic Islamism such as this.

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