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Monday, 21 February 2011

Muslims Must Integrate!

Comments on the Herald Sun article, 'Muslim integration the real problem', by Andrew Bolt, February 19, 2011 [EDL Extra comments are in red.]
[Left: the Mufti of Australia.]

WHEN you hear "racist!' now, you know some coward is once again just trying to shut a debate he fears he can't win. [Leftists call this ‘the No Platform policy’. They like to pretend that the people they can’t debate with are so evil that they shouldn’t be allowed to speak! In addition, the implication is that everyone else, but the far leftist, is so gullible that they will swallow racism or fascism as soon as they hear it. So only Trots can truly appreciate the sheer evilness of all those they deny a ‘platform’. They know they are evil. The rest of us must take their word for it. The Left will not allow the plebs the freedom to make up their own minds.]

No one who knows the Opposition's immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, would dream he's racist, as so many commentators now imply. [Unless it is a definitional truth that criticising Islam, or Muslims, in any way, is racist. In that case, the Class of Racists has suddenly expanded by millions upon millions.]

His real offence is that in shadow cabinet he suggested the Coalition tackle an issue of growing public concern before it turned even uglier. [See no Islamic/Muslim evil. Hear no Islamic/Muslim evil. Debate no Islamic/Muslim evil. No Platform for Debate or Discussion. Such is the totalitarian logic of the soi-disant ‘anti-racists’ or ‘anti-fascists’.]

That issue is Muslim integration. And add now the Gillard Government's new defence of multiculturalism, a policy to fund what divides us that the leaders of France, England and Germany say has failed in their countries. [Yes, the issue is not really multiculturalism in any vague or all-encompassing sense. It is Muslim integration – or the lack thereof. In the vernacular, it is Muslim self-ghettoisation, as demanded by Islam itself.]

What broke multiculturalism there is also killing it here. That we have trouble integrating our 400,000 Muslims is beyond question, even if it's also true that most make fine citizens. [I don’t quite get that. If many Muslims don’t integrate, how do ‘most make fine citizens’? Surely citizenship is partly about integration.]

Here are some statistics from a minority that's actually smaller than our Buddhist one. Muslims here are more than twice as likely as the rest of us to be without work. Their children are twice as likely to be jobless, and three times more likely to be poor.

Their imprisonment rates are higher, and all 20 of the people we've jailed on terrorism-related offences are Muslim. [That’s because they are ‘oppressed victims’! No it’s not. Muslim unemployment is partly a result of that lack of integration. Unemployment is not the result of state or regional racism. Thus poverty will also be a result in Muslim communities. But that too is a result of the lack of integration; not of prejudice or racism.]

The reassurances offered by Muslim leaders are rarely much comfort.

Take Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, for many years Mufti of Australia, despite praising suicide bombers as "heroes" and calling the September 11 attacks "God's work against oppressors". [What else can he say as an Islamic Mufti? What else can he say and believe as a true Muslim?]

Hilali this week played down Muslim terrorism here by telling The Australian's Sally Neighbour:

"There are people who have the mindset to commit harm, but no one has the capacity to execute anything." [What?]

As long as we keep catching them, we're safe. But the bigger this community gets, the bigger the threat. [That’s why the Israeli death toll is usually lower than the Palestinian death count. Not because the Israeli state is so brutal and vicious, vis-à-vis the Palestinians, but because up to 80% of all Hamas’s, etc. attacks – suicide bombs, rocket attacks, etc. – are foiled. If that were not the case, and if Israel was not so superior militarily, the Israel civilian death count would be massive and far higher the Palestinian death count. The worrying thing is that this situation is also partly true in Europe and the UK; but to a lesser degree. So when some Leftist or Muslim says that there haven’t been ‘that many’ jihadist killings in Europe and the UK, we should bear this in mind. It should certainly be borne in mind in the case of Israel.]

As the Labor Government admits in its own 2010 White Paper on terrorism: "The scale of the problem will continue to depend on factors such as the size and make-up of local Muslim populations."

So with the number of Muslims here projected to increase by 80 per cent by 2030, any party that won't discuss immigration betrays its duty to preserve harmony and public safety. [How terrifying! An increase of 80% by 2030! Talk about ‘the Islamic demographic time bomb’!]

And any party that thinks the answer is just more multicultural tribalism is a fool.

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