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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Mirror relies on Communists to fight 'the rising tide of right-wing nationalism'

From News Mirror, form the news item 'Shock at the rising tide of right-wing nationalism', by Vincent Moss. (EDL Extra comments are in red.)

Almost half the country would back a new right-wing party that vowed to crack down on immigration and Islamic extremists, a shock poll reveals today. [What’s the ‘shock’? Everybody knows that there’s a problem with mass immigration. Everyone knows that people are concerned about this. Finally, most people know that only right-wing groups, and not even the Conservative Party, are prepared to tackle these issues, if in their different ways.]

They would also restrict the building of mosques and order the flag of St George or the Union Jack be flown on all public buildings. [In many cases, an order is not even needed because it is leftist councillors and politicians who have made various stands against the flying of the Union Jack, even when people wanted to fly it. It has been thought that flying the Union Jack threatened Community Cohesion and has worked against Embracing Diversity.]

The revelations will spark fresh fears of racial tension in Britain amid a new wave of support for extreme right-wing parties like the British National Party and the English Defence League. [In fact, the EDL, or Tommy Robinson, has not said that much about immigration in broad terms. He certainly hasn’t talked about ‘racial tension’. He has talked about something painfully specific: Islam and its isolationist, supremacist and self-segregating Muslim communities. It may well be the case that the BNP, and others, have jumped on this bandwagon. However, the EDL is rightfully and legitimately concerned about Islam – not immigration as such, though there are of course problems in this area as well.]

Findings of the survey, the largest of its kind and involving 5,054 people, are in a major report called Fear and Hope – the New Politics of Identity, which examines views on race, immigration and multi-culturalism. Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband and campaigning left-wing MP Jon Cruddas will officially unveil the report, produced for the Searchlight Education Trust, tomorrow. [‘Searchlight…’? Is this connected to the Communist-run Searchlight ‘anti-fascist’ organisation? It seems so. Nick Lowles is of course himself an extremist and member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Get extremists to sort out other ostensible ‘extremists’?]

They will also launch Searchlight’s Together project to tackle extremism among white and Islamic communities with the slogan: “A plague on both their houses”. In one of the most revealing questions, pollsters Populus asked people if they would back a party that “wants to defend the English, create an English parliament, control immigration and challenge Islamic extremism”. [Yes this is Nick Lowles’s most recent gimmick. He pretends that he is just as much against Islamist extremism as against ‘right-wing’ extremism. ('A plague on both their houses.')So why did it take him so long to start speaking against Islamist extremists? He only started selling this most recent ruse less than a year ago. Before that, it was Communist policy never to say a bad word about any ‘oppressed group’ – including Muslim extremists.]

A total of 48 per cent said they would either “definitely support” or “consider supporting” a party with such an agenda, if it shunned violence and fascist imagery.

The results will alarm both PM David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband, who are worried about the rise of right-wing extremists. [That’s OK because the EDL, for one, has already ‘shunned violence’. The EDL cause is so strong, we simply don’t need violence. However, the SWP/UAF and Islamist causes are so damn weak, these minority groups most certainly do need and require violence in order to further their respective inglorious causes.]

In the 12 months to last September, 238,950 migrants were allowed into Britain, the highest figure since records began. Sixty per cent of people thought immigration had been “a bad thing” for England, against 40 per cent who said it had been “good”.

Thirty-four per cent said immigration should be stopped permanently or until the economy improved. The report also found opposition comes from all races, not just “white Britons”. And 52 per cent of Britons agree that “Muslims create problems in the UK”.

Searchlight director Nick Lowles said: “The harsh truth is we are in danger of losing touch with the public on race, immigration and multi-culturalism.” [Why is the media relying so much on this known and self-confessed Communist? Is it a case of fighting fire with fire or one of media ignorance?

In any case, it’s not so much a case of ‘losing touch with the public on race’ than of losing control of immigration and the problem of Islamism and Islamisation. These are real problems. They aren’t problems of ‘false consciousness’, ‘media bias’ or of ‘losing touch with the concerns’ of the plebs, as Nick Lowles sees it.]

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