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Friday, 4 February 2011

Luton Demonstration Details

Your English Defence League support and Liaison team have been working tirelessly yet again to ensure the biggest demonstration in the history of the EDL is a successful and enjoyable day. Due to the amount of people travelling to this demonstration we have decided to release the demo details a few days earlier than normal to give you time to plan

All members arriving by coach are to leave the M1 at Junction 10. The coaches should head for the old Luton bus station. If you use the postcode of the car park on midland road LU2 0HR the police will pick up all coaches on the way into Luton and will direct them to the bus station. It is important that you exit the M1 at J10 to ensure that you are picked up.

When you exit the car park on foot turn left going under the railway bridge and first left again into midland road. As you walk down Midland Road you will see the Railway Tavern on the corner further up Midland road is Charlie Browns nightclub. Or alternatively further up the road with the railway tavern on there is a bar called Déjà vu. These will be the 3 places used to muster. The roads around this area will be closed and the whole area will be our muster point.

All members arriving by train should come into Luton station and you will see the Railway Tavern opposite the station as you exit this will be one of the muster pubs.

All members arriving by car can park in the multi story car park on Midland road LU2 0HR once parked continue down Midland road to the muster point mentioned above

All pubs will stop serving alcohol at midday this is a blanket ban across Luton and includes off licenses and supermarkets. The pubs will remain open until 13.00 to allow you to finish your drinks.

At 13.00 Stewards will direct all members to the march start point on Midland road please listen to instructions given to you by the stewards to ensure the success of the demo.

We will then march approximately half a mile to St Georges Square in Luton town centre. Please remember when marching we are in no rush there is no point trying to push through the front line the stewards are there to help not take abuse.

We should arrive in the square for about 13.45 where the demo will last 1.5hrs we have some highly respected speakers talking at this demonstration please respect these speakers by staying silent when they are taking place.

When the demo has ended you will be marched back to your coaches, the train station and the car park. Any local members should board buses that will be put on by police to leave the town centre. It is expected that all coaches will be leaving the city by 16.00.

As always there will be a large steward team on duty please respect these stewards they are EDL members just like you. Anyone seen abusing stewards will be removed from the demo and banned from future demos

Above all the English Defence League will be attending Luton to hold a peaceful protest anyone causing trouble or making racist remarks will be removed from the demo and is likely to be arrested. Please forget the events of the past weeks and let's wake this country up to the Islamisation that is taking place to our great nation

No Surrender

EDL leadership & support team


1 comment:

  1. Just found this load of crap. Can't respond as have been banned. All about the EDL. Here we have an example of a dhimmi/lefty James Bloodworth, who thinks because he can string a few sentences together, he is an intellectual. And what a load of garbage he spouts!
    "Luton itself is also a strange choice for a protest against Islamic extremism considering just 20 people turned out for an Islam4UK demo in March 2009. The town does have a Muslim population of around 30,000, however, which perhaps gives a clearer indication of precisely who it is the EDL have a problem with."
    The choice of a Luton venue is only strange to this moron who cannot even read!The EDL Luton poster actually explains: Back to where it all started, ie the EDL and their first demonstration against mozlems who viciously abused our returning troops: in LUTON!! Blood-on-the-brain ignores this because he thinks he knows better: the 30,000 muslims of Luton. No mention of the abuse of the soldiers, the suicide bomber from Luton who failed to blow strangers up in Sweden, or the 7/7 bombers that came from Luton or the extremist mozlem mosque in Luton, pouring out hate towards the non-mozlem Lutonians! Or the assaults on girls by mozlem men and bullying of children in schools by mozlems. No, nothing to do with that!
    "Characteristic of far-right groups in recent times has been the use of religion and culture as a proxy for race." Islam is not a race, Blood-on-the-brain, Asians are not mozlems, BOTB, and if sharia law is mozlem culture, what is wrong with being against it?
    Surely anyone, you included, BOTB, that supports female genital mutilation, raping of male children in mosques and girls by prospective husbands, hanging of gays, has got to be a very evil person! Being anti-sharia is normal and natural. After all, BOTB, would you like the thought of your 13 year old daughter dying of internal injuries after having been raped by her husband? How would you feel if your gay friends( if you have any) were arrested and taken to the gallows like they do in Iran?
    And what the fcuk does this mean:
    "The idea of ‘Islamophobia’ is itself problematic. Should you be Jewish, a non-believer, gay, or simply a woman, there are phrases in the Koran which one need not be simply irrational to fear"(.)
    What kind of grammar is that? Why can't you say outright that throughout the koran it calls for all Jews, Christians and other non-mozlems to be either killed or enslaved and have their possessions stolen by mozlems?
    The whole article does nothing but accuse the EDL of racism without providing ANY evidence! And the commenters are just as moronic!
    Read the rest of the crap here if you can be bothered: