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Monday, 28 February 2011

London student jailed after posting terrorist videos on YouTube

From, by METRO WEB REPORTER - 25th February, 2011.

A London student has been jailed for five years after uploading YouTube videos promoting terrorist groups.

Mohammed Gul, 23, of Elm Park Avenue, Hornchurch was sentenced at the Old Bailey on Friday after being found guilty of five counts of dissemination of terrorist publications.

Mohammed Gul has been jailed for five years (MPS):
The law student posted around 30 videos to YouTube and the Anti-Imperialist forum between March 2008 and February 2009, when he was arrested at his home. [‘Anti-Imperialist forum’? Does that include the massive example of Islamic imperialism which dates from Mohammed himself to the Turkish Empire which ruled into the 20th century? Isn’t it also interesting how these Islamists and Islamoterrorists have borrowed far-leftist jargon – ‘imperialism’ in this case? This has been the case for a fair bit now. The Muslim Brotherhood also learnt a lot from far-leftist totalitarianism, as did other Islamists in the 20th century, including those, like Sayyid Qutb, who feigned to despise ‘man-centred Marxism’.]

His films included compilations of attacks on coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, footage from terrorist training camps, clips showing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) being made and extremist material relating to the conflict in Gaza.

Gul added images of Osama bin Laden, jihadist songs, scriptures used out of context and terrorist group logos to the videos before uploading them to the internet, along with links to a chatroom. [Isn’t Islamoviolence hip? Isn’t Osama bin Laden the new Che Guevara – that hero of student t-shirts?]

The jury decided his films could have encouraged the preparation or instigation of terrorist acts.

Passing sentence, Judge David Paget told Gul he sympathised with his family, as they had seen him throw his life away. [Perhaps his family privately supported much - or some - of what Gul did – they are Muslims, after all.]

He added: 'I am in no doubt that you have become thoroughly radicalised.'

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Osborne, senior national co-ordinator for terrorist investigations, said the graphic images from conflict zones, such as a Jeep being blown up and a sniper attack, 'clearly had the potential to incite terrorism'.

He added: 'This is one of the first successful prosecutions relating to disseminating terrorist publications via the internet and shows our commitment to tackling those who support and encourage terrorism whatever means they use.' [So why not prosecute Salma Yaqoob (of No Respect), or the man himself, Anjem Choudhary?]

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