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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Leadership Statement - on the Proposed Birmingham Demo

- By the English Defence League

The council and police force of West Midlands have yet again shown their ignorance of society. The English Defence League had to be informed by media contacts that both parties had joined forces and already applied to the home secretary for a ban on the proposed demonstration in Birmingham due to football fixtures that clashed that weekend.

The EDL is now in full co-operation with forces across the country and through informal trusted discussions have moved a number of demonstrations at the request of the local authorities and police. Just look at Preston when through informative dialogue the date was moved to not disrupt events in the city.

However, as usual West Midlands refused to open dialogue with the English Defence League but instead wrote to the Home Secretary for a ban. The EDL know our legal rights and know that should the Birmingham demonstration have gone ahead there are no legal powers for any person in the world to prevent us from holding a static demonstration.

As all our members will be aware we are not trying to hold demonstrations to upset or disrupt the public but to peacefully protest to raise awareness of the threat this country is going through. Therefore due to the football events that are taking place in the city of Birmingham on 19th March we have decided to postpone our demonstration until a future date that will be announced shortly. We have not forgot what has been happening in Birmingham and we will return.

A future date will be announced for Birmingham shortly and the demonstration location for the 19th March will be announced within the next 36 hours,

Every member is asking for a demonstration in their hometown and if we could we would do hundreds of towns a year, to raise awareness of this barbaric ideology that is attempting to take our country. We have to keep all members happy with regards to travelling with a balance of the cities that need to be shown we will never surrender, with these factors in mind we can confirm that over the next 12 months we will be holding demonstrations in at least the following regions

- Somerset

- Merseyside

- North East

- Yorkshire

- London

- South Coast

If you have an urgent reason for the EDL attending your area please speak to your RO who will relay to the leadership for discussion.

Never Surrender,

Your leadership team.

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