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Friday, 4 February 2011

Leader of the EDL on BBC London TV News 2nd Feb 2011

Tommy Robinson - just an ordinary working-class lad who now has a degree of political power. The Leftist, Trotskyite and Fabian elites are profoundly shocked and disgusted by this. After all, they believed that it was their job to lead the working class, not the working class itself.

The EDL's battle against militant Islam is just as much a battle against these Leftist, Left-Liberal elites. It was these elites, after all, that helped oil the wheels of UK Islam and Islamism generally. And it was also their job to destroy what they took to be a 'hideously white' culture and country.

Now they have the EDL to deal with. And they don't like it. Hence the many lies and accusations aimed at us (e.g., of 'racism', 'fascism', etc.). Most people can see through these lies. They know it's all really a sign of Leftist fear and frustration.

No surrender.

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