Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Jews & Arabs Took Part in a Massive Love-In Before the Creation of Israel, Not

[Click map to enlarge.]

What about the 'Nakba' of 800,000 Jews from Arab countries before and during the creation of Israel? Is this fact, or situation, not hip or fashionable enough for British Palestinian-scarf-wearing students? Or is there no real reason for any fashion - political or otherwise?

'Che Stadium. Named after the revolutionary: Che Stadium.'

Che Guevara did it all to end up on student t-shirts.

And what if the revolutionary, Che Guevara, looked like Mr Bean but did the same stuff - would students still worship him? I don't think so. Don't expect anything deep from 3-years-Trotskyite middle-class students, or even from the Socialist Workers Party CENTRAL COMMITTEE! Hands up for shallow far leftism!


  1. BTW, this is the Nakba or Farhud, of NOW!!