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Monday, 14 February 2011

Fascists Have Long Hair Now

[The image directly above: you won't believe this, but these white un-exotics are middle-class UK students in Palestine taking up arms with their fellow Brown Exotics. It seems that according to the New Racism, Browns can do no wrong, whereas acording to the Old Racism, Browns could do no good. What's the fucking difference?]

I’m sick to fucking death of hearing the hordes of anti-racists trying to impose their will on all who don’t agree with them.

The truth is, if you don’t join these numerous ‘anti-fash’ groups they will soon point the finger at you.

They too are utter fascists – and their long hair and hip references won’t change a thing. Totalitarianism is in their hearts – deep beneath their student-cred clothes. How can they be fascists or totalitarians – they have long hair?

What are they doing? They are attempting to erase all enemies – Stalin style – by accusing all who disagree with the as being ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’. Oh God, that is so easy to do. Yet, the anti-fascists who ban and ban and ban again are, as Churchill said, quite clearly the new fascists.

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