Friday, 4 February 2011

EDL - Not Welcome In Netherlands [video]

Leftists and liberals try to make a necessary connection between the EDL and violence. In actual fact, it is Islam, Islamism and the far left that are intrinsically linked to violence. Unlike the EDL, violence, or 'mobilisation', is written into these movements (as this video shows). Yes, there have been pockets of violence at various EDL demos; but violence is not written into the fabric of the EDL - as it is with Islam, Islamism and far-leftism. The violence at EDL has been entirely the result of very young local lads going on the demos just for a scrap. And yes, a few Nazis have infiltrated some EDL demos. However, much of the violence, as well as the Nazi salutes, etc., have been the actions of SWP/UAF infiltrators trying to stir things up in order to give the EDL a bad name.

Let's make it clear. UAF demands an outright ban of the EDL. Muslims want to ban the EDL too. They have not got their way in the case of Luton. Thus Muslims and leftists will be, of necessity, resorting to violence when the opportunity arises in Luton . If UAF and the Islamists didn't counter-demo, there would be next-to-no violence at EDL demos, as the cases of Newcastle and Peterborough show.

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