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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The EDL is at War with UAF and the Islamists

Trotskyists believe in 'lying for Justice'. That is, lying to further the Trot Revolution and the general radicalisation of all.

Islamists, and Muslims, believe in 'lying for Justice'. Anything to further Islam.

English people know that such extremism is alien to the English character. And that's precisely why the Trots and Islamists hate us. We are alien to them. And they are worlds apart from us. This is war. And we accept this war. Bring it on.


  1. They are the aliens, not us!! This is our country, England! They are the freaks, the outsiders, the barbarians at our gates, the enemy, the anti-Christ!!
    Why do we have to put up with this sewage lapping at our shores?

  2. Nothing will changeby just marching and being penned in by the state police, unless the EDL begins to seek a political solution, and that can only come about by it supporting the only political party that has openly stated it's interests are the English people as well as our Scots, Welsh and Ulstermen brothers welfare first,and not the globalist & multi millionaire bankers. And that is the British National Party.

  3. Go EDL. We here in USA feel the same way. This is OUR land. Founded by our forefathers for 'us' the US Citizens to appreciate. These Muslims are not in our country because of its freedoms, liberties..etc. They are here to TAKE OVER...MAKE THE WORLD THEIR ISLAM!!! Our own president leans more their way than those of the people that work hard here...make the economic system work not to be torn down by these barbarians that profess that their Islam is a "peaceful" way. It is NOT, and now we are exposing them for what they really are. BARBARIANS, KILLERS, JEW/CHRISTIAN HATERS...AND PEDOPHILES . WE WANT RID OF THEM IN OUR COUNTRY TOO..ALL OF THEM. Even those with College visas. Who are they to tell us how we should run our country .. If there way is so great...let them go back to Mecca where they belong..and try to corrupt their own........LEAVE US IN UK/AMERICA ALONE. WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE...