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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Calls for Cameron to ban English Defence League as they announce Birmingham protest

A Birmingham Muslim MP has called for parity between the treatment of the EDL and the treatment of Muslim extremists.

Remind me how many people the EDL have killed and how many mosques they have blown up. How many is that? None! Have they stoned anyone to death? No. Have they rioted and killed? No. Does the EDL announce fatwas against all who leave the EDL? No. Does it want to enforce the EDL on the entire world? No. Then we should laugh at Tariq Khan's pathetic attempt to find equivalences between Islamic killers and the EDL.


Feb 7 2011, from the Birmingham Post

THE English Defence League (EDL) has announced a demonstration in the city next month – prompting a city councillor to call on the Prime Minister to ban the group.

Coun Tariq Khan (Lib Dem, Washwood Heath) said Mr Cameron should target all forms of extremism including the EDL.

Following a protest in Luton on Saturday, the group announced on its facebook page a demonstration in Birmingham on March 19.

Its last demo in the city in August 2009 erupted into violence as members clashed with those from anti-fascist groups.

Coun Khan said the police, local authorities and the government should put a stop to the movement once and for all for the sake of community cohesion.

He said: “The authorities need to put their foot down and say enough is enough. They (the EDL) are a bunch of trouble makers who have nothing better to do.’’
Mr Cameron caused controversy on Saturday when he criticised state multiculturalism and signalled a tough stance on Islamic extremism.

Coun Kan said: ‘‘David Cameron said it’s time to clamp down on Islamic extremism. I say, clamp down on the EDL. Let’s have some consistency.’’
Mr Cameron’s comments came as the EDL held a major demonstration in Luton, prompting accusations that he was playing into the hands of the far-right by targetting Islamic extremists.

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