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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Birmingham councillors clash as Martin Mullaney accuses Salma Yaqoob of Islamic extremism

- By Paul Dale, from the Birmingham Mail, Feb 5 2011

ONE of the Birmingham councillors who snubbed a George Cross hero is embroiled in a new row after being accused of wishing to see people stoned to death if they do not follow a strict Muslim way of life.

Coun Salma Yaqoob was criticised when she refused to take part in a standing ovation for Afghanistan veteran Lance Corporal Matt Croucher.

Along with Respect Party colleague Mohammed Ishtiaq, she remained seated in the city council chamber as everyone else in the room rose to give guest of honour L/Cpl Croucher a spontaneous round of applause.

The protest led prominent Liberal Democrat councillor Martin Mullaney to accuse Coun Yaqoob of wanting to see Britain become an Islamic republic. He also suggested that she would have risen to applaud a suicide bomber.

Writing on the Re-Stirred website , Coun Mullaney claimed: “If Coun Yaqoob had her way, she would be implementing Hadood Law, with hands cut off and stonings.”

He went on: “I can only assume that if one of the failed 21/7 London suicide bombers had been in the council chamber, Coun Yaqoob would have been demanding the council applaud the failed suicide bomber for their past heroic actions.”

He provided a link to an article written by Coun Yaqoob entitled 'The Islamic Republic of Great Britain'.

In it, she describes a story set in the future with Prince Charles, who has become King, quitting the throne and living in the Tibet as a Buddhist monk.

Prince William, now known as William bin Charlie, becomes King and presides over an Islamic Britain where Hadood law is in force. However, Coun Yaqoob writes that initial fears of an increase in one-handed people because of brutal punishment have not been realised.

Coun Mullaney’s comments were described as “malicious and extremely damaging” by Coun Yaqoob, who is demanding an apology.

She said: “I wrote that article when I was a student, many years ago. It is intended to be ironic, a mickey take.”

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