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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Barnsley EDL stop red fascists (UAF)

Comments on the Barnsley Chronicle news item, 'EDL supports were 'intent on disorder', 21st February, 2011

About 60 English Defence League supporters from across the north came to Barnsley 'intent on causing disorder', said Barnsley's commanding police officer. [How did he know that beforehand? Did he have inside information or did UAF, etc. tell him this? After all, Chris Sims, of West Midlands Police, once wrote an article in the Birmingham Mail saying how great he though UAF is. Was the UAF 'parade' also 'intent on causing disorder'?]

Ch Supt Andy Brooke admitted the force was surprised by the arrival of the EDL group, which marched to Churchfields where a Unite Against Fascism parade was congregating.

Mr Brooke said officers acted quickly to contain the EDL and prevent disorder. He said: "About 60 or 70 EDL arrived in the Courthouse car park.

"They marched en masse towards the UAF intent on confronting them and causing disorder.

"Officers put a cordon in place and dispersed them. It was extremely problematic because there were a few officers and a significant number of EDL." [Usually, of course, it's the other way around. It's the EDL which has a demo, or 'parade', and it's UAF which 'marches to' such demos intent on trouble and violence. But these inversions of this event in Barnsley are never discussed in the same way. That's because usually UAF which is counter-demonstrating. But what's the difference?]

There were no arrests but a number of public order offences are being investigated.

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