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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Step up the fight to drive out the EDL

[EDL Extra comments are in red.]

11.1.2011, from Socialist Worker Online

The use of Islamophobic arguments by mainstream politicians has encouraged the growth of the far right in Britain. [If anything, the mainstream politicians attack what people call ‘Islamophobia’. The same is true of most of the media.

What the SWP is really saying is that any coverage of Islam or Muslims which deals with negative things, such a bombings and burning poppies, will be construed as Islamophobia. Thus politicians and the media are being asked to stop all coverage of Islam, unless it deals with nice things like mosque open days or Islamic charities. The SWP, in other words, wants to ban all negative coverage of Islam or Muslims.

However, the reason why these subjects are always in the news is that Muslims are always killing, blowing things up, rioting, marching and so on. Can politicians and the press really ignore such a plethora of Muslim outrage?]

More specifically, what is meant by ‘Islamophobic arguments’? Does the SWP really mean critical arguments?]

Martin Smith introduced the session on fighting racism and fascism.

He and Weyman Bennett are the central committee members responsible for the
party’s work in the anti-fascist movement. [Smith has been sacked from the SWP Central Committee – this was written, then, only a day or two before his sacking!]

Martin explained that the fascist British National Party (BNP) has been thrown into crisis [a favourite SWP word] by its disastrous performance in last year’s general election. The sustained campaign led by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) was key to this defeat.

The English Defence League (EDL) has emerged as the main far-right threat in Britain. [This shows us that the SWP simply must have a far-right organisation to ‘fight’ against or ‘smash’. And if the group is not racist and fascist, then simply repeat the lie that it is racist and fascist. Say this enough times and many will believe it – especially students.]

It has organised 35 protests and put thousands of thugs onto the streets. [Every single demonstrator is a ‘thug’ then? Everyone of the EDL membership, over 60,000, is a thug? Don’t Trots just hate the working class?]

UAF has challenged it on every occasion, but this has stretched the organisation.
The police spend up to £500,000 per demo attempting to keep Muslims away from confronting the EDL. [The SWP suddenly coming to the defence of taxpayers.]

And some of the left have lost the plot, arguing that we should not demonstrate against the racists. That is not our tradition and it will not work, he argued.

Martin said, “The EDL wants to carry out an anti-Muslim pogrom in Luton on 5 February. We must stop them.” [Say that again. An ‘anti-Muslim pogrom'? Really, the SWP sounds like Hamas. That is, the ‘genocide’ or ‘holocaust’ of the Palestinians – which it certainly isn’t. The killing of those nine Turks on the flotilla was also designated a ‘genocide’! Oh, the exhibitionist spurts of Islamist and far-left hyperbole.]

UAF needs to keep on widening its base of support. [To workers or non-Students, say? It won’t work - though a few people outside the university system or Islington may be hoodwinked by the SWP.]

Weyman emphasised how important UAF’s trade union backing is—support from union leaders has made it far harder for the police to victimise UAF activists.
More than 20 delegates spoke in the discussion that followed. Several warned against simply dismissing the BNP, which has maintained support in many areas.

Balwinder from Southall talked about a new campaign to fight Islamophobia among Sikhs.

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  1. Balwinder will probably get a smack in the face from other Sikhs: Sikh girls were the first to be preyed upon by mozlems, according to a previous Sikh writer here.

    As for the SWP, they are national socialists who are as parasitic as mozlems. May they all die of the pox!!