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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Sanctimonious Left

- Letter to The Telegraph, by Dan O'Connor

You can have all the sanctimonious Leftist equality you want, except for the equality of ideas.

All the sanctimonious Left diversity you want, except the diversity of ideas:

“One party. Socialist state."

Or it could best be described as a "one -ideology state"; which, for the Left, is typical of the tyranny they hate, unless they think they are running that tyranny.

Any schools, anywhere, that has a chance to present an opposing view to the obsessive anti -West- Establishment PC cultural -Marxism - that has run rampant throughout Western academia, government and media - is better than none.
The Left would much rather there were none. Our schools and universities have become little mini North Koreas.

The Left don't want to win the ideological debate, they want to crush it. Throughout Western society, the left has conducted a mean and cynical assault on the mainstream of society; constantly undermining normal people while laying claim to a higher morality:

"Pathological altruism."

The Left vilifies wealth, except among their own elite. You will never hear a Liberal socialist vilify the Kennedys, the Kerrys or the Clintons vast wealth.

The very people who in their youth attacked and ridiculed the “Establishment " are now its top judges, policemen, entertainers , educationalists , journalists and politicians.
As a former Leftist myself , I could no longer reconcile the contradictory hypocrisy of double standards and the despotic enemies of Liberalism that for the last 100 years the Left has have found common cause with.

It is no small coincidence that as the Marxists have gained a powerful grip on our media and our centres of education since the mid 1990s , that we are all witnessing a fragmented and collapsing set of values - the broken society.

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