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Monday, 31 January 2011

Real Americans Support the EDL

- From Real Americans Defend Israel!

On Feb. 5th, the English Defence League will be holding a protest in Luton. A few days ago, Real Americans posted an Alert, announcing that one of EDL's member's was attacked... by a Muslim. In this upside down world and ten years after September 11th, the USA troops and all allies of America are continuing to fight the ideology of Islam - the only ideology in the world that still lives in the 7th century and cannot adapt to civilization or democracy, no matter what country they immigrate to. Israel is on watch 24-7, and the USA has had to implement new Government agencies to fight terrorism i.e. Homeland Security. However, most of us today do not feel one bit safer due to the government's "political correctness" getting in the way of fighting terrorism! Real Americans Defend Israel is a friend of the EDL. We wish our fellow "infidels" safety and protection during their march on Feb. 5th.

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