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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Rabbi Shifren Challenges Britian's Chief Rabbi to a Debate


- From the blog, Jack's Continental Roadhouse

Rabbi Shifren
To: Stephen Pollard Esq,
Letters To The Editor,
The London Jewish Chronicle.
25 Furnival Street London EC4A 1JT.
The United Kingdom.

Subject: Re my challenge to the Chief Rabbi for a debate.
Copy to:
Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sachs.
The Director General of the BBC.
Ms. Melanie Phillips.
The Washington Times.
The Edmund Burke Institute For American Renewal.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you regarding the specious re-editing of the letter I emailed to you outlining my very serious challenge to Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks to debate me on fundamental issues regarding both the safety of the Hebrew congregations of Great Britain and the preservation of the freedoms of the British state whose ideals and ideas helped to form my own nation, and to whom I looked affectionately as the creator of the Magna Carta and the country that produced probably the world's greatest ever statesman; Sir Winston Churchill.
Image below: Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks:
My letter was edited by you in such a way as to try to make me look a fool with one word added to further this purpose while another was changed ditto. Furthermore, you also omitted portions of the text.

Why you may ask should one Rabbi debate with another upon such apparently non-Judaic issues as "Is Islam a religion of peace?" The Islamification of Britain. Cultural Marxism in Western liberalism, Multiculturalism and its effect on the host society; education, religion, laws and culture?"

It is quite simple. Along with the British state Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks is a leading if unconscious exponent of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism which has laid waste to the morality and integrity of US and UK democracy, destroyed the family, destroyed patriotism, and is ethnically cleansing indigenous populations from the inner cities of Europe to create voter banks for the now one party liberal regimes, and which ultimately seeks a new world order in which Western nation states will disappear and be replaced by a One World liberal fascism on an unprecedented scale.

(Introductions outline globalist aspirations)

In the speech below to the House of Lords during the 'Human Rights' debate the Chief Rabbi all but calls for an increase in Marxist brainwashing in schools in the name of multiculturalism, 'respecting difference' and so called 'diversity.' The Chief Rabbi alleging that it is the indigenous population that he considers to be the threat and not the Muslims his Regime are pouring into Britain. In the speech Rabbi Sacks also laughingly implies that that those who oppose the (islamification of Britain) are in fact seeking a Holocaust for Muslims.
It is with sadness that I note the Chief Rabbis contempt for the British people in changing his title so that he is no longer the Chief Rabbi of England or the United Kingdom but the Rabbi of the Commonwealth and even then not the 'British' Commonwealth. I believe that any man who places the land of Shakespeare on a par with Zimbabwe is a man who cannot be trusted with the lives of British Jews.

I hope to arrive in the United Kingdom at the beginning of February to support the brave patriots of the English Defence League and its Jewish Division. I say division but there is NO division between Jews, Christians, Sikhs and others in that united struggle. I repeat my challenge to Lord Sacks to debate me during my stay in a thoughtful, cordial, candid and respectful tribute to free speech. In my opinion the country needs this discussion.

This affects British Jews because:

One of the means by which the liberal elites of Europe are seeking to destroy the power of 'We The People' and maintain their corrupt liberal regimes is mass Islamic immigration and the promotion by those elites both temporal and 'spiritual' of Supermosques, Sharia law courts (I believe over 80 now currently operate in the UK), force-feeding of halal meat (in the case of the UK) to secular Jewish, Christian, Sikh and Hindu schoolchildren through school meals, and to the wider public through a devious deal between government and supermarkets allowing them not label their meat as halal. As well as allowing and funding through social security and housing benefit Muslims to practice polygamy while imprisoning non-Muslims for this crime. By encouraging Muslim women doctors and nurses to fulfill their religious obligation of not washing outside their homes thereby spreading disease and death in hospitals and surgeries.
In the light of all evidence to the contrary regarding Islams religious duty to conquer the earth as found in its scriptures and Hadiths, Rabbi Sacks's frankly hippy views about the future relationship between Judaism and Islam being not 'Cain and Abel' but the 'Everely Brothers' (as outlined in his address to Duke University above) is to the mind of any Jew who is awake, a seriously deranged and dangerous conception.
Image below: Melanie Philipps:
One of the most striking and worrying discoveries I ever made was the weak-kneed collaboration between many in the German Rabbinate in the 1930's and Hitler, especially as their warm relations and 'respect for difference' with the nazis neither saved many Jewish lives nor prevented the Holocaust. In this context I believe that the Chief Rabbis promotion of the Islamification of Britain is leading the Hebrew congregations of the United Kingdom to the second Holocaust British Islamists have gone out of their way to advertise. This logic is based on the idea that while the tip of the iceberg that sank the Titanic was radical and extreme, the rest of the iceberg was moderate and peaceful.

Chief Rabbi Sacks may not be aware that liberals in his own camp are questioning the need for another Chief Rabbi after he retires. How very convenient to aid the Marxist-Islamist victory which the forces of whom Obama and Cameron are mere puppets wish to achieve, to leave British Jews rudderless and unrepresented. As a Jew and a Rabbi the business of Jews everywhere is my business and the safety of British Jews is fundamental to the safety of Jews across the European and American continent. I would remind the Chief Rabbi that the Jews of Malmo have already been ethnically cleansed by Muslims and at least one European politician has advised all Jews to leave his country for their own safety from the religion of peace.

I dare the London "Jewish Chronicle" to publish this letter in full and unedited unlike my last missive.

Yours Sincerely,
Rabbi Nachum Shifren
California Security Council

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  1. It's easy to see why, years ago, a lot of Jews attached themselves to the far left - the far right was killing them, and they went to the opposite extreme. But now this alliance is making them into passive victims of islamic violence - which is eerily reminiscent of the ostrich-like mentality of those poor folk who walked into the cattle wagons without protest.