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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Non-Muslim schoolgirls harassed by Muslims outside UK schools

None of this would be of much relevance if it weren't for the fact that there seems to be something about Muslim culture that makes Muslim men do these sorts of things to non-Muslim girls.

Muslims quickly respond by saying that there are more white pimpers and groomers in UK prisons that Muslim ones, but that's simply because Muslims are a minority. That is bound to be the case. However, compared to the size of the Muslim population, this community has a massive problem with the abuse of non-Muslim girls. We have a massive problem with this community.

Quite simply, Muslim men, at the best of times, look down on women. But non-Muslim women... well, one can only imagine how sick their attitudes are towards them. For example, this sort of thing goes unpunished in Pakistan. In fact, the rape victim is often blamed. And if the rape victim is non-Muslim - she hasn't got a chance in the hell that is Pakistan.
What gets me is that all those non-Muslim dads, brothers, uncles, etc. appear to have done next to nothing about this mass abuse. Is that how deep political correctness and the dogma of multicultural diversity has been embedded within all of us?

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