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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Muslims Beware: White/Sikh girls are Not 'Booty'

- From a Sikh brother
No offence meant to any of you, but in regards to this grooming stuff by mussie scum of English /white girls. In the 1980s and early 90s, Mussie scum targeted Sikh girls. But because the police and authorities didn't do jack shit, the Sikh community took it in to their own hands and a number of networks/gangs were formed. The Mussie scum knew that if they messed with one Sikh girl, they would have hundreds of Sikh lads on their back to look after their 'sisters'. And that’s why the Mussies turned to white girls as it was easier and they knew there would be no comebacks.

Like the Sikh gangs of the 1980s, it's now the turn of the white English to awake and get the message out that if one 'sister' is dishonoured by these filth, then 100s of her brothers with get involved.

But now the hardest part for some of you (please, no offence meant), you have only got the right to 'protect' the honour of your sister if you first give a girl/lady respect - and that involves not beating her or treating her like a piece of 'meat', as well as respecting her for being herself. And also by respecting your younger sisters or girls you know. They won't feel the need to run off with the first Muslim Pakistani who shows them a bit of attention .

Sorry if this upsets anyone, but I have seen the grooming stuff for years and this is one area of experience I have and now its common knowledge.

Let’s rise to the challenge.


  1. Exceptional post, and the points made are all spot-on! And having known a few Sikhs, I would NOT mess with them if I were a muzzie - the Sikh are descended from a pure line of warriors. They take their religion seriously and they still believe in the concept of honor.
    I would feel comfortable sharing a foxhole or going on a patrol with a Sikh brother, any time

    1. Much respect.. from Sikh and US vet. 25th infantry Afghan vet.