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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Labour Party will be supporting the UAF/SWP at the Luton EDL demo

'Labour councillor says we must oppose the EDL', from Socialist Worker Online, 25 Jan, 2011

The comments in red are by EDL Extra.


Sian Timoney is a Labour councillor in Luton’s Farley ward, where the EDL is planning to assemble on 5 February. She spoke to Socialist Worker. [This should obliterate any lasting doubts that New Labour, even though now caviar-socialist, supports the Champagne socialists of the SWP/UAF.

So it is de rigeur to be against the far right, but all sweet and dandy to support an extreme and violent revolutionary group – SWP/UAF? The logic escapes me. Is that because ‘the hearts’ of Trotsky, Stalin, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao Mao ‘were in the right place’? – despite their many campaigns of mass extermination and gulag building? Sian Timoney’s hypocrisy is downright sickening.]

‘The EDL’s presence will be intimidating for the vast majority of people.
[And the presence of hundreds of foaming SWP/UAF scruffs won’t be ‘intimidating’? Come on Sian. Tell the truth babe.]
The estate is mixed—over 20 percent of the people who live here are Muslim. There are groups of Turkish and black people living here too. [There are a fair amount of black people in the EDL – just in case you didn’t know, Miz Timoney. But, of course, they’re Uncle Toms suffering from ‘false consciousness’.]
And the majority of white people don’t support the EDL. So why should EDL supporters be allowed to gather and drink here? [How does she know that the vast majority of white people don’t support the EDL? She is simply stating that without much – or any – evidence. I know for certain that they don’t support her party – New Labour. And why the fuck should they when they have been systematically betrayed or ignored by it?]
The EDL wants to create the impression that it owns this town and this estate. It doesn’t. [What the fuck does that mean? I know that when New Labour was in power, it thought in 'owned' the entire country!]

The British National Party has tried to organise here and now the EDL is.
EDL leader Kevin Carroll lives in the area and has been photographed and filmed drinking in the Parrot pub, where the EDL wants to assemble. And, EDL leader Tommy Robinson has also been filmed drinking here.

The vast majority of Lutonians aren’t racist. [And neither are EDL members or the EDL as a whole.]

That’s why I agree with UAF that anti racists should be in St George’s Square on the day, not the EDL. [But it was the EDL which first decided to hold a demo there. How can counter-protesters have first choice, as it were, when they have simply reacted to a demo that’s already on the cards? That’s like giving a gold medal to the person who came second.

And the UAF are not genuine anti-racists anyway. They turn their eyes and ears away from Muslim racism, as well as from all racisms that aren’t committed by white English people. The SWP/UAF is using anti-racism, just as it attempted to use the working class, to further the Revolution – that is, to create a chaos from which they can ultimately gain power.]

The police could put the EDL in Stockwell Park. But they won’t do that because it isn’t what the EDL wants, and they are scared of losing control. [No. I’ve got a better idea. Let’s put UAF/SWP, the MDL, Muslims Against Crusades, etc. in Stockwell Park instead. That will guarantee far less trouble and far fewer arrests in Luton generally. The EDL can guarantee that.]

In the meetings I have been in with the police they seem to imply that the problem is UAF because they want a counter protest. [Of course, all revolutionary and violent Trotskyite groups are innocent. Everyone knows that. Anyway. The UAF/SWP wants to do far more than counter protest. They want to ‘smash’ the EDL, to use a word they often use. And once they've got rid of the EDL, they’ll start on some other fictional racists or fascists because that’s how these Trot groups have always worked.]

It’s like they are shifting the blame onto UAF. [The very thought. Red fascists are always innocent, aren’t they?]

But I think UAF and the people in Bury Park have every right to protest, and I think UAF is doing the right thing by standing in solidarity with them.

I was involved in the making of the Channel 4 expose of the EDL. We can be under no illusions—it is violent and racist.

We need to oppose it.’ [And if you repeat those lies again and again, as people like her and the SWP/UAF always do, then perhaps they will gain some more first-year- student support – the lifeblood of this sad little group.]

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