Thursday, 20 January 2011

Islam Will Kill Us... Islamophobia?

Islam kills, kills and kills again. It even kills those who deny that 'Islam kills'. If we see reality in this way, we are 'Islamophobic'.

Pakistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, the Philippines, the Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, etc. show us that Islam is a killers’ religion. Why should we wait for this to come to our own shores? How much proof do we fucking need?

So we have the choice to deny the hell on earth that is Islam, and become pious Islamophiles, or we can face the truth that Islam is out to destroy all that is non-Muslim, as has been the case for 1,300 years.


  1. The latest "fatwa" regarding Christians:

  2. exposed!!

  3. Despite your 20 mile long piece of shit , so called website , your young sisters,mothers and daughters are preferring the unstoppable Islam,because they are fed up of being used as toys!!