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Friday, 28 January 2011


- 21st January, 2011, by Jerry Lawton, from the Daily Star

BRITAIN’S youngest mum fell pregnant at 12 after being passed around an Muslim sex gang.

The five-strong mob, made up largely of Pakistani Muslim taxi drivers, blitzed the schoolgirl with gifts including phones and sweets.

And after plying her with booze they took it in turns to have sex with her in a car park on “numerous occasions”.

The nation was stunned when the girl fell pregnant and became Britain’s youngest mum in 2002.

Police vowed to hunt the dad and prosecute him for statutory rape. But they were stunned when the girl revealed she had been having sex with five men and did not know who was the father.

Officers soon uncovered she had been lured into underage sex by the mob, but rather than highlight the problem the authorities decided to “brush it under the carpet”, a whistleblower said.

None of the gang was prosecuted and the girl was taken into care. She was Britain’s youngest mum at the time but that record has since been broken.

An injunction bans identifying anyone involved to protect the girl’s identity. The girl, from South Yorkshire, moved away and brought up her daughter with the help of her mum.

The case supports ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw’s claim that Muslim sex gangs have been preying on white girls for years.

An official involved in the case contacted the Daily Star after reading our exposés of Muslim sex gangs.

They said: “It was one of the most horrifying examples of the way these gangs operate. The tragedy was she didn’t even know she had been effectively raped by these men time and again.

“She said they were all her boyfriends and had given her mobile phones, sweets, and drinks.

“She was ever such a sweet girl really and very, very pretty. But starved of affection in her own home she looked to these men for comfort.

“They knew that if they befriended her and were nice to her she would respond.

“Afterwards she was moved away to bring up the youngster and the men involved all just seemed to vanish.

“Political correctness dictated issues like this just could not be discussed. It was brushed under the carpet.”

In another case last year, five Muslim men were jailed for a total of 32-and-a-half years after being convicted of sexually abusing three girls.

Nine members of a similar gang were also jailed for 41 years.

And yesterday we revealed Rochdale’s child services chief is to meet ethnic leaders in a bid to drive Muslim sex gangs out of the Lancashire town.

Police have smashed four sex gangs in the town in the past three years.

So far 16 fiends, mainly British-born Pakistani Muslims, have been jailed for putting three white schoolgirls as young as 14 through group sex ordeals.

Nine more Muslims are currently on police bail after being arrested following claims by 14 girls aged 13 to 17 they were forced into sex.

Seven other police forces are currently conducting operations to tackle the problem.

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  1. My Names Jonathan Ashton ,im a survivor of sexual ,physical and mental abuse as a child .
    Ive suffered alot of Discrimnation over admitting i was abused as a child ,nut living with a severe stammer and my social disorder ,ive always been nervous round people but to be honest ive always been traumatised .
    I want to see justice done in them courts and for no slaps on the wrist i want jail heavy jail for the lives they have ruined through takking advantage of young children .
    I want them to feel the pain of living in fear while living a daily nightmare ,i want them to be as traumatised as there victims .
    I want them stripped raw of there dignity ,i want to see the kids get justice aswell as there families .
    No one will ever know the true horrors of living with a severe stammer only the stammerer them selfs same appllies with sexual abuse .
    Any kind of child abuse his horror ,most people done speak up about the abuse till late adult life ,most never had the courage and die young or go into drug abuse or prostitution.
    Ill be there demonstrating and let them feel fear .
    Yours Faithfully
    Johnny Ashton
    If anyone does need help and understanding from the effects of child hood abuse please follow the link .