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Monday, 17 January 2011

How Sick is Islam? This Sick...

- By the EDL's Shelfside

I have been banned from the Ummah Forum for promoting "Israeli Terrorism" and for "insulting Islam". Here below is the abusive, pro-Israeli terrorism post that earned me my ban. From Senior Member on their forum to being banned all in one week.

A week in which on various threads I have been called: a dog, a Neanderthal, filthy, a bum boy - several times -, an uneducated, lager-swilling racist, a chav, many times.

Threads in which my mother has been accused of prostitution with Muslims, my parentage has been called into question, my religion has been insulted, Islamic terrorism has been praised, where it is claimed that Jewish pornographers in the US are (apparently) showing videos of US troops raping Muslim women in Iraq over the web, wild claims of 6 million civilians having been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by the allied troops.

Threads where it was claimed that the 7/7 bombers were NOT Muslim - all a media plot, TR has been labelled our "Fuhrer", our soldiers have been called "dirtbags", "butchers" and "child rapists", where our very history has been questioned, royalty called paedophiles, where the Taliban are openly praised.

Threads where posters claimed (I assume they work in a post office?) were not going to pay out giro money to "EDL scum" and will openly laugh about it, the Government (and the EDL) are "ignorant racist fools", the EDL are "Zionist financed homosexuals" and advise Muslims that they should "keep your backs to the wall when they are around", where they openly gloat about our country turning into a Muslim state within a few decades, where they openly promote polygamy - one guy had a friend who had 13 kids by 2 wives.

Threads where the Queen is portrayed as "sucking the blood of the poor", where the term "Muslim suicide bomber" is considered an oxymoron, where yours truly has been labelled "Mr pervert i love bacon's panties" - WTF?, where the Cross of St. George is labelled a "terrorist flag".

I could go on, but it gets tedious. Forget anything to do regarding dialogue with these creatures, this past week spent on their forum only emphasises the fact it is pointless and totally useless - and this lot paint themselves as moderate!

Terrorist supporters, terrorist deniers, European hating evil vermin is my conclusion. This one week has taught me more about the hatred and contempt these people have for us than I ever thought possible.

Here is the post that got me banned. If anyone can tell me where I am promoting "Israeli terrorism", you’re a better man than I am.

Yesterday 04:57 PM Grotbags
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Dear Shelfside,

You have received an infraction at - Muslim Forum.

Reason: Insulting Islam, Allah, Muhammad or any of the other Prophets (as) or Angels (as) or the Qur'an, or Sahabas
Insulting Allah, users and promoting israeli terrorism.

May Allah guide you ameen


This infraction is worth 30 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:

Originally Posted by Abdul-Curim
Oh yeah , those immigrants entered Britain , France , Italy , Holland legally and they had the right which is too small a price for all the plunderings Europeans did in Africa and Asia for almost 200 years .

And to remind you further your carnage and plunders is still on in Afghanistan and Iraq and not to forget Israel .

You have no choice you Racist but to put up with Muslims and watch your country turning into a Muslim majority State in a few decades time , Inshallah .

My (shelfside) reply
It will never happen, you poor deluded fool. England will remain English, and Islam will disappear from our shores, Inshallah.

Finally what is there to plunder from Afghanistan? I stand by Israel, long live Israel!
All the best, - Muslim Forum .


  1. Well - they got ONE thing right - nothing gets me going like watching those porn vids of American troops raping the women of Iraq, which I order from my friendly Zionist dealer.
    Oh - wait - those aren't US troops; now that I look closer... they're... they're muslim durka durka jee-hoddies... and those aren't women they're raping... they're - geesh! they're goats!!! As I turn the sound up, I hear them screaming 'Allah Fubar!" and, " I am coming, by the shrivelled balls of Moohammud, may piss be upon him!"

    Guess I was misinformed.

  2. "It will never happen, you poor deluded fool. England will remain English, and Islam will disappear from our shores, Inshallah."
    This only happen with the demise of the Labour Party. The labour Party has been infiltrated at the grass roots with pro islam supporters e.g. the UAF for a start. Not only that if you take a look at the career history of the new labour MP's none have the remotest attachment to the unions or workers rights the core valuse of the old party.
    I have a site that is anti labour and doing my best to change peoples loyalty to the labour party in a satirical way

    If we can defeat the Labour party and the Liberal Acrobats then multiculturalism will be consigned to the pages of history