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Sunday, 9 January 2011

George Galloway exposed again and again and again...[video]

What can you say about this obscene exhibitionist? He'll support any creed or group if it gets him a new political niche, on the TV or deep into the anal tracts of Muslims or Arabs.

'Let me on the tele! Let me on the tele!'

We all know that Galloway is a shameless prick, without even an ounce of self-criticism or self-analysis (like a left-wing Jeffrey Archer). However, what he says in this video is also precisely what the SWP/UAF, the New Statemen, the Guardian, Respect, Islamists, left-liberals, believe - though they don't express it in the direct way Galloway does...
Oh, he thinks that what's happening in Palestine is a 'genocide' (approx 20,000 deaths in more than fifty years - probably less); though what happened in Darfur wasn't a genocide (with over a million deaths). You see, when Arabs or Muslims kill - that's OK. When Israel kills a few Palestinians (in what is a war), then all hell is let loose and Galloway and the far left cry their crocodile tears. They are hypocrites of the first order!

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