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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Flintshire Muslim Cultural Society accuses English Defence League of stirring racial tension in Shotton


- Jan 27 2011, by Mark Dowling, from the Flintshire Chronicle

The comments in red are by EDL Extra


Flintshire Muslim Cultural Society accuses English Defence League of stirring racial tension in Shotton.

[Muslims have borrowed or stolen many Leftist ideas and terms. Thus they call the EDL ‘racist’ (or ‘fascist’) as well as being ‘Islamophobic’. But Muslims don’t constitute a single race at all. This double weapon, that of shouting ‘racism!’ and ‘Islamophobia’, is a godsend to Muslims because it makes it harder, and sometimes illegal, to criticise Muslims as Muslims.]

MORE than 100 activists from far-right group the English Defence League (EDL) marched through Shotton to protest against plans to build an Islamic cultural centre in the town.

North Wales Police officers were out in force to ensure the protest on Saturday – which saw EDL members from Chester, Stoke, Burnley, Manchester, Cardiff and Liverpool congregate – passed without incident. [There were no incidents because there were no violent UAF/SWP and MDL there to create incident.]

The EDL vehemently opposes the plans for what it calls a ‘mosque’, which could be built on the site of the former Shotton Lane Social Club. [Social clubs turned into mosques? What next? Churches? Oh! I forgot, this has already happened - lots of times.]

But Monchab Ali, chairman of the Flintshire Muslim Cultural Society, which is more than halfway to raising the money to buy the venue, insisted the proposal was for an Islamic cultural centre which would benefit the community. [Which ‘community’ is that? The Muslim community? Or the interfaith community as well?The latter exists solely to prove to outsiders that interfaith actions and events do actually occur? The problem is the professional interfaithers only exist to prove that our cities and towns are pure examples of interfaith harmony.]

He told the Chronicle: “The EDL has come from outside Shotton in an attempt to divide the community. [Did no EDL come from Shotton? I doubt that. In any case, what’s wrong with coming from ‘outside’? Especially since these people, the interfaithers, UAF believe. etc. believe in mass immigration into the UK. Now suddenly they’re against strange EDL-ers coming to town. Stop being so parochial or even xenophobic.]

“I have been in business for more than 22 years and throughout that time I have not seen any signs of racial tension or problems in the community. [Come on!]

“We have been supporting local football teams, cricket clubs and primary schools – whatever opportunity we have had, we have been supporting the community.” [Even the gays, atheists and racists in the community? I doubt it.]

Mr Ali also attacked a leaflet campaign co-ordinated by BNP councillor John Walker to fight the proposed centre. In the leaflet Cllr Walker said: “We strongly oppose a development of this kind in the heart of our community.

“Deeside has had its fair share of immigration over the years, but this is a step too far.

“The owner of the Shotton Bengal Dynasty restaurant (Mr Ali) is...seeking to open this Islamic centre.

“Please bear in mind if you dine at this establishment you may well be inadvertently funding this new development.”

Mr Ali countered: “That is completely untrue. Mr Walker lives in Mancot – what is his part to the community and why is he saying such unfounded allegations?”

The society currently rents the Queensferry Institute building for Islamic and Arabic classes, which are held twice a week.

Martin Smith, spokesman for campaign group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) said: “The UAF deplores the EDL’s protest against building a cultural centre.

“Instead of spreading lies and hate towards the Muslim community in Britain, we believe we should be able to celebrate anybody’s culture and live a life free of hate and bigotry.” [What a hypocrite Martin Smith is! He hates all the millions of people who are right wing (according to him). He hates the EDL and BNP. He hates the right-wing of the Conservative Party. No. He hates the Conservative Party. He also hates New Labour, the lib-demos as well as right-wing or ‘reformist’ socialists. He hates Zionists and Israelis. Etc.

Martin Smith is also a very violent bigot. He has no right to preach such words to anyone, not just the EDL.]

North Wales Police Superintendent Dave Owens, the senior officer at the protest on Saturday, said the parade passed without incident.

He said: “Our intention was to facilitate a peaceful protest and we were helped in achieving this by the organisers, who discussed their plans with us before the event and were fully co-operative throughout.” [Again, when the EDL liaises with the police, and when the UAF/SWP keeps away, there is very little trouble. The UAF/SWP is the source of the trouble and violence because, after all, they are fighting ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’. Thus any action, including a violent one, is legitimised, according to Smith, UAF and the SWP.]

Supt Owens said the Deeside neighbourhood police team, led by Sergeant Tony Heaword, will continue to work with community leaders ‘to address any ongoing concerns’.

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