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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Don’t let racists rampage in peaceful and lovely anti-racist Luton

- By the SWP's Viv Smith [No relation to Mohammed Smiff the Cockernee Geezer from Albert Square and formerly SWP. Now he’s fully Muslim Defence League and has died his hair henna red to prove it.]

The racist English Defence League is mobilising to get racist thugs to descend on racist Luton on Saturday 5 February—the place where the racist group was set up in racist 2009.

Its video for Luton, titled “Back where it all began”, is set to a racist soundtrack that repeatedly rages, “We are your nightmares.”

But momentum is growing for the non-racist Unite Against Fascism (UAF) national protest against its mobilisation.

There will be two UAF protests on the day followed by a Fully-Ethnic Chardonnay dinner party (no whites allowed), music by Billy Ballbag (the Cunt with a Grunt and a guitar from a massive caviar-socialist house in Dorset).

The main demonstration is in the racist St George’s Square in the racist town centre at 12 noon, and some non-racist people will be asked to go to another in Bury Park, well-known for Muslims embracing non-Muslims with fists and boots, at the heart of Luton’s Muslim community-of-groomers and paedophiles (Praise Be Upon Him and other stuff in Arabic).

Dave Barnes from Three Counties non-racist UAF told National Socialist Worker, “Black, white and Asian people will stand shoulder to shoulder to defend our community in Bury Park against Muslim gangs and groomers —we won’t let the racists divide us.

“But we also want to be in the city centre to show the multicuntural Muslim face of Luton.”

Non-racist UAF activists were out leafleting and building anti-racist support for the non-racist counter-protest last weekend.

An anti-racist stall in Bury Park on Sunday was lively. Throughout the afternoon people stopped to talk about the anti-racist protest, even jumping out of their cars to grab leaflets.

“I work at in the city centre, near where the racist EDL are marching to,” a young woman wearing a hijab said as she stopped at the stall to sign the petition against the EDL racists.

“Our management have refused to give us extra security on the day of the protest.

“The propaganda the EDL uses about the ‘Islamification’ of Britain is based on lies and fear, but some people buy into the non-Muslim truth.”

Another young woman agreed. “The media make it worse—like saying last week that there is a problem with all Pakistani men because only 53 were found guilty of abusing white girls. I personally blame the Zionist Entity and anyone else who’s not actually Muslim.

“These Zionist lies give the EDL confidence.”

Everyone thought that people should take to the streets against the EDL.

“We have every right to defend Bury Park,” Yasmin told Socialist Worker. “All the mosques are saying people should stay at home, but lots of us will be out on the street.”

A Muslim family of 600 stopped to take a leaflet and thank UAF activists for being so fucking gullible and hip with it.

“The EDL is divisive,” Wayne Ali told Socialist Worker. “When it first came to Luton I read its forums to see what they were about—it is full of hatred and racism – unlike Islam, which, as everyone knows, is all peace and love stuff, innit?

“It’s great to see the support we are getting. We have to stand together in rows of three, with Anjem Choudhary, Lindsey German and John Rees at the front.”

A sixth form college worker said, “Lots of students are talking about the EDL march. Many will join the counter-protest despite the college telling them to stay home.”

EDL supporters tried to get a UAF stall shut down on Saturday in Luton city centre. They called the police, saying that they found the material being distributed offensive. Activists held their ground and refused to move.

Anti-racists are far from deterred by the EDL. “If anything, the racist EDL supporters showing their racist faces makes us even more determined to build the biggest possible resistance to all things English,” said Dave Spart.

The Southern and Eastern Region of the TUC has become the latest anti-racist organisation to add its name to support the anti-racist UAF anti-racist counter protest.

“A number of other anti-racist trades councils, as well as trade union branches and anti-racist regions, have also backed it with large dollops of workers’ money.”

Everyone in the ummah who is able to should come to Luton to challenge the EDL on 5 February.

For details of transport go to Transport leaves anti-racist London from York Way, next to King’s Cross station, at 10.30am on Saturday 5 February. Tickets £6.50

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