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Saturday, 1 January 2011

The British Army on Our Side!

- By the EDL's General Pershing

It's shocking how much shit Indymedia and chums are flooding the internet with. I know for a fact that our troops support what we stand for cuz I have friends and family serving in Afghanistan and I speak to them about it. Your average soldier supports the EDL 100%. Who of sane mind wouldn't?

So, it's such a shocker to Google it. "Does the British army support the EDL?" or "British Army and EDL"....... All you can find on Google is the same FUCKING SHITE written by all the same FUCKING COMMIES at Indymedia and Searchlight. These fuckers must spend their whole lives writing articles against the EDL and tying to make us look like a bunch of racists all over Google.

I know the troops are not allowed to support us, or any other 'political' group. But wouldn't it be good to have a few hundred squadies, or even ex-squadies, in uniform at our demos? Giving speeches and telling the truth about Islam. If that happened then it wouldn't be long til our demo numbers were in the tens of thousands.

It's what we need actually. Army input and army advice. Lessons on discipline and tactics. Get the military on our side and we're taking over!

Wonder how long before MI5 are at my fucking door now!

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  1. I was watching a youtube video of the Queen mothers funeral.Loads of battle drums and bagpipes.And suddenly thought...Could you imagine the political police trying to attack the EDL marching with pipes and drums.The British people would go absolutely barmy! It would drown out the uaf trash as well.