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Friday, 21 January 2011

Birmingham Imam calls for Muslim British armed forces boycott

What more do sceptics about the English Defence League want? Will they only see the truth the day they wake up in a Muslim 'enclave' (ghetto) or even in a sharia state?

Another 'radical' imam in another radical mosque speaking to yet more radical Muslims.

You cannot take radicalism out of Islam. If you do, there will be nothing left. That's why we have all these pointless taqiyya-debates about 'moderate Islam' versus 'radical Islam'. That's why the radical Muslim Council of Britain slags the radicals off and they return the favour. That is, it accuses this group or that iman of being 'unrepresentative'. And then they say exactly the same about the MCB. It too represents very few Muslims and is clearly not a democratic group - both institutionally and in terms of its true Islamic/Islamist nature.
20 January 2011, from BBC News

Rashid was arrested over a religious dispute during a Hajj Pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in 2010:
Birmingham Imam has said that Muslims should not fight in the British armed forces on conscientious grounds due to their presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. [Muslims must not kill Muslims. They must only kill non-Muslims. In fact, jihad is 'compulsory'.]

Shaykh Asrar Rashid, a visiting cleric at the city's mosques, also told the BBC the Queen was "a disgusting woman" for knighting author Salman Rushdie. [This sick Muslim is still going about Salman Rushdie. In fact, very many Muslims still want the poor man dead. Sick or what?]

In 1989 Iran's leaders called for the death of Mr Rushdie for writing The Satanic Verses, deemed "blasphemous". [12 years ago!]

The Muslim Council of Britain said the Imam's views were not representative. [Exactly the same is often said, by Muslims, about the MCB.]

Mr Rashid, who was arrested during a Hajj Pilgrimage last summer, lives in Sparkbrook in Birmingham and preaches in mosques around the city. [I wonder how well he knows Councillor Salma Yaqoob. Or perhaps he's not Pakistani and thus part of the wrong Muslim tribe.

Has Mr Rashid given a talk at a Respect meeting?]
'Not English way'

He said: "If a foreign government invaded England tomorrow we as Muslims would defend these areas and our way of life.

"It's not that I hate English people, or English soldiers who have gone abroad, or that I don't feel for the mothers of these soldiers. But the fact is they should make conscientious decisions as well.

"That we must only fight wars which are in our interest, and invading Iraq and then oppressing the Iraqi people and Afghani people, is not the English way," he added. [How are UK forces 'oppressing the Iraqi people'? This is typical Muslim hyperbole, like 'the Flotilla Genocide' or 'Apartheid Israel'. Muslims have nothing but propaganda because militarily they are pipsqueeks.]

The Muslim Council of Britain, an umbrella group representing more than 500 Muslim organisations in the UK, said Muslims had a duty to contribute to the "betterment" of the society they lived in. [Yes; but how? By making it more Islamic! By banning short skirts? By killing Salman Rushdie?]

'Easily sympathise'

A spokesman said: "Theologically speaking there is nothing that prevents a Muslim joining the British army. To date there are 350 serving Muslim officers, men and women, in the British Army." [That is a very small number bearing in mind that the Muslim population is well over three million - not the official figures which don't count people according to religious affiliation.]

He said that disrespecting the Queen, as the British head of state, was a "disgusting" thing for a Muslim to do. [And he utterly disgusts the ordinary English man and women.]

"As Muslims we are ready to show respect to leaders. We may disagree with some of the things she might do and say but that does not give us the right to be insulting to her."

Zeeshan Hashmi, whose brother Jabron was the first British Muslim killed while fighting in Afghanistan, said: "I am privileged living in Britain. One of the key traits of living in this country and being a Brit is that we have free speech. Based on that the Imam can say all of these things living in a very free society.

"At the same time being an ex-solider and having lost my brother in Afghanistan, I can easily sympathise with his views." [It doesn't really matter what an individual Muslim says. It's what Islam and the Koran/hadiths, etc. say that really matters. I agree with Muslims about this!]

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  1. All mozlems murdered by mozlems:
    2011.01.20 (Kandahar, Afghanistan) - A child is among three civilians taken down by a Taliban bomb.
    2011.01.20 (Kohat, Pakistan) - Six oil workers are shot to death by Mujahideen.
    2011.01.19 (Baqubah, Iraq) - Innovative Muslims use an explosives-packed ambulance to slaughter fifteen unsuspecting Iraqis.
    2011.01.19 (Ghalbiyah, Iraq) - Two Shiite pilgrims are sent to Allah by a Sunni suicide bomber.
    2011.01.19 (Khyber, Pakistan) - Three truck drivers are abducted and shot in the head at close range by Holy Warriors.
    2011.01.19 (Paktika, Afghanistan) - Thirteen children and six women are among twenty civilians taken out by Taliban roadside bombers.
    They are ALL liars!!