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Friday, 7 January 2011



6 January, from Christian Voice UK

Sentence will be pronounced next week on a Reading man who hung a St George's Cross flag on some railings outside a controversial mosque in the town's Oxford Road.

Ronnie Peterson had been watching the England vs Japan friendly in May 2010 and was carrying his St George's cross flag. His trial for aggravated public order offences was heard in December but District Judge Andrew Vickers reserved judgment until 13th January 2011.

While passing the mosque, Peterson hung his flag on the railings and staged a one-man protest, chanting 'EDL' and 'England' a couple of times.

The recent history of mosque-building in Reading has been dogged by controversy. The one outside which Ronnie Peterson protested is in Oxford Road, and is not yet finished, being described as an eye-sore locally. It was supposed to be Reading's only mosque, and yet planning permission was given for yet another one a few miles away in Green Road. Both appear to be on land leased at a peppercorn rent from Reading Council, and gifts have been made by the Council to the Muslims, according to this blog.

Two Muslims in a cafe opposite said they thought a march was taking place. The Reading Post reports:

'Urfan Azad told the court he was in the Tea House, in Oxford Road, with friend Amar Nazir on the evening of Sunday, May 30, when they heard “EDL, EDL” being chanted. He said: “We thought it was a demonstration. We went around the corner and saw three guys raising their hands up and they had a St George’s flag on the fence around the mosque which is being built. I felt a bit scared and called the police.”'

Urfan Azad was once feared as a drugs gangster in Reading and has been on a weapons-training visit to a Madrassah in Pakistan. But he felt 'a bit scared' seeing the slightly-built Peterson with his flag. Just for good measure, he and his friend foud an alternative story, that fellow Muslims would feel outraged by Peterson's peaceful protest and set upon him (that's more like it):

'Mr Azad said prayers were due to take place in the existing mosque about 100 yards away in Valentia Road and he was afraid the situation might get out of control.

'Mr Nazir added: “Me and my friend discussed it and we thought it could turn into something ugly. Any other Muslim could drive past and do something stupid and start a fight so we decided to call the police.”'

When the police turned up they did not stand by Ronnie Peterson to protect him from the alleged stupid gangs of Muslims, nor did they give him advice about how to conduct his protest. Instead, without warning him to move on they arrested him. The arresting constable told the court he only arrested Peterson 'because my sergeant told me to.' According to the Reading Chronicle:

'Sgt Lee Barnham said he spoke to the witness, and added: “He was offended by the use of what he considered to be a religious cross against the site of worship.

'“It was clear he was upset and felt intimidated. I was satisfied an offence under the public order act had been committed.”'

When the police charged Peterson, they added that his offence had been 'racially or religiously aggravated' by the display of the national flag of England and its red cross...


But did our fathers and grandfathers die fighting Nazi Germany so that our national flags expressing our Christian heritage could be viewed as religiously aggravating? Did the Muslims coming here not realise that this is a constitutionally Christian country? Can a word of Muslim disquiet now terrify a policeman into arresting an innocent man displaying the Cross of St George, the English Patron Saint and Christian Martyr?...

WITNESS: For Ronnie and for the right to display the cross on 13th January 2011 at Reading Magistrates Court. The case is scheduled for 10am but could be heard at any time during that day.

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  1. The greatest lesson that I take from this - besides the already well known fact that most of the cops over there are toadies and lickspittles for the muzzies - is that the Cross of St George in England, like the Cross of St.Charles the Moorslayer in Spain, has the same effect on diaperheads, I mean, muslims, as the Cross itself had on vampires in the old Hammer Films.
    If only we could see them melt away when the Cross was held up... muttering,
    " It burrrrrnsnssss... the cross, it burrrnnnnsssss..... "
    And the cops.... do they all already have a crescent branded on their arses or tattooed on their foreheads, or is that to come later?
    Stand firm, brethren. No Surrender. Ever!