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Monday, 6 December 2010

Was Saudi link all too familiar?

[The Asian Image article follows the comment; after the dotted line.]

Let’s face it. According to Asian Image, and virtually every Muslim, anything critical written about Islam or Muslims is classed as ‘demonising Muslims’. Some times the retort is worse that than. Everything – and I mean everything – negative is classed as ‘Islamophobic’. Thus every non-Muslim is rendered impotent when it comes to being critical of Islam. This is a kind of voluntary sharia law adopted by non-Muslims! (But not the EDL!)

Take the Asian Image article. Every single accusation that the Panorama programme aimed at these ‘Saudi-funded and run schools’ is rejected. Than in itself effectively gives the game away. (That game is Islamic taqiyya – Muslim lying for Islam.) You'd have thought that the writer would have accepted at least one of the criticisms/accusations of these Muslim schools. But no. Not a single case.

The taqiyya comes thick and fast. For example, the author claims that studying sharia law is just like studying American or European law. No it’s not! Sharia law is a total system which includes the whole political system as well as how to wipe your arse – everything. American or British law is just part of a larger system of traditions, values, and so on. It is part of a larger system but does not wholly constitute it.

The other thing is to pretend than lessons in sharia are objective and just like lessons in say physics or something. No they aren’t. Every teacher of sharia law in these Muslims schools will be in favour of sharia law. More than that. They will want to bring sharia law – slowly but surely – to the UK. Please stop the taqiyya, for God’s sake!

Another part of Islamic taqiyya is the putting of Koranic passages ‘IN CONTEXT’. You know, you’ve heard this a million times before in discussions about the brutality or nastiness of the Koran/Sharia, etc. But have you noticed the hypocrisy of all this? When you quote a positive passage from the Koran, Muslims never say: You should put that passage in its proper context. No. Only the passages about cutting off infidels’ heads and pouring boiling water on naked flesh need to be put in context.

So it is strange than no Muslim ever asks you, or even themselves, to put this IN CONTEXT:

‘If you kill one man, it is as if you have killed the whole of mankind.’

Let me put this nicey-nicey (empty) passage in context. That context is the context of having its central clause amputated –as it always is:

‘If you kill one man, except for villainy in the land, it as if you have killed the whole of mankind.’

It is strange that those who always talk about context not only reject a context for the positive-sounding passages in the Koran, but even eradicate inconvenient clauses or whole passages from the text in the first place. Taqiyya again!

Nothing makes me want to demonise Muslims more than hearing Muslims talking about non-Muslims ‘demonising Muslims’ or ‘demonising Islam’.

'demonising' = being critical of Islam

Or, alternatively:

'Islamophobia' = reporting negative aspects of Islam or Muslim actions.

Thus Muslims want to stop non-Muslims being critical of Islam or Muslims qua Muslims. They want to stop all critical reports of the negative aspects of Islam or Muslim lives or sharia. In other words, they want non-Muslims to accept sharia law!


Tuesday 23rd November 2010, from Asian Image

How accurate was the Panorama programme about Muslim schools this week and was it just another way of demonising Muslims?.

On Monday night the BBC aired a controversial Panorama program titled “British Schools – Islamic Rules”.

The program aimed to demonise the teaching of what is essentially Shari’ah Law in a series of Schools across the UK.

Apparently demonstrating that all links to these schools can be traced all the way to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Textbooks based on the Saudi National Curriculum were brandished about detailing diagrams of where to cut off the hand of a thief as well as the various options of executing a person found guilty of homosexuality.

The program was also riddled with misquotes and quotes taken out of context.

One clear example was when someone who did not even appear to know English very well opened a text book allegedly on “hadith” and read out “jews look like monkey and pigs”.

Problem with this is that the story alluded to is mentioned in the Qur’an and it refers to “some” jews who were disobedient in an ancient past age were punished by God by being transformed into apes and swine.

This is miles apart from brandishing jews generally as animal look-alikes.

Furthermore have Muslims ever stood up and ask why there is a problem in learning the Islamic Legal system?

It has never been a problem to study other non-British legal systems, American, French, Canadian, European Law, International Law, etc.

All these systems are non-British and do not contain ‘British Values’ like for example the death penalty in the US. But they are all allowed to be studied academically, so why discriminate against the Islamic Legal System?

Some might say an explanation to why such a program may have been aired at this particular time appears to be related to another issue.

David Cameron went on record only a couple of weeks ago to say that the UK needs to intervene in the Arabian Peninsula in order to ‘combat terrorism’. These words came after a US-Born Yemeni, Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, has been brandished about in all the news media as the next Osama Bin Laden, working with the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) which mainly consists of Saudi’s and Yemeni’s.

Under a lot of pressure the Yemeni President says he is taking on the problem himself and no longer seeking assistance from the Americans.

This only leaves the option to use Saudi Arabia as conduit into Yemen, in a similar way Pakistan is being used today towards Afghanistan.

Such a move will be unpopular in the Muslim World as have similar interventions through the Arabian Peninsula, which is considered the Cradle of Islam. However it seems that the Arabian Peninsula in general and Yemen in particular is now the next target of the so-called ‘war on terror’.

The Panorama program with its precise timing does demonises Islam but by linking everything with the Saudi Government, Saudi Embassy, Saudi Ministry for Education and so forth.

The objective being to link all anti-Islamic sentiment to Saudi.

By Mohammad Quraishi.

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  1. All this suits the red-fascist moral equivalentists(??) very well!

    "Demonises islam by linking everything with the Saudi gov., Embassy etc"??

    So the Saudis ARE demonic!!!

    Mo Quraishi said it, not me!